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Information About Ashland Jiu Jitsu Academy

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Ashland Jiu Jitsu Academy

1287 Oak St., Bldg. 2




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Judo

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Commment 1: I think these guys are a little full of themselves... I personally know at lest one of the instructors is embellishing his resume A friend of mine also claims to have caught MRSA there... and no AC heat or bathrooms

Commment 2: No one is embellishing credentials at this school. The instructors are registered with the IBJJF and their accomplishments are easily verifiable. And no one has ever had MRSA at this dojo. Such slander by competing dojo is pathetic. Finally there is heat and two bathrooms actually!

Commment 3: Ive been training there since last spring and I personally cant remember a time that the mats werent cleaned and mopped following a training session. One the MRSA subject maybe your friend wasnt showering with an antibacterial soap immediately after workouts which is the biggest defense against MRSA. Im a wrestler at SOU and know the dangers of MRSA and I also know how important it is to simply shower following a workout so I recommend that to anyone participating in a contact sport. As far as an instructor embellishing their resume I completely disagree.. These guys have a large amount of knowledge in the Jiu Jitsu field and I highly recommend this school.

Commment 4: the negative poster has made similar false claims under various names on a couple of different websites. The IP address traces back to a failed martial arts school in Ashland which is also the home of our gym. The idea that one of our instructors is embellishing their accomplishments is not only false but is very easy to verify online should anyone wish to do so. I have been here over a year now and cannot say enough good about our small club. The negative poster is making claims that are slanderous at the very least and I would ask them to prove their accusations publicly or to retract their statements. Everyone who practices BJJ knows that it is next to impossible to claim a false belt level without being called out for it especially if they compete. We are legitimate and our instructors can easily prove their lineage come by and roll and youll quickly agree that the negative poster has ulterior motives.

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