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Information About Carley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy

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Carley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy

371 5th St San




Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Commment 1: Ive been doing the Ive been doing the NorthSouth choke just like this for a while now Glad to see some high level guys coming to the same cocnlusions My only concern is how youre getting the arm underneath the head from behind like that I find that this gets very difficult when the opponent decides to really glue the back of his head to the mat How do you deal with this Personally I just do the standard looping entry using a screwing motion with my arm to hopefully get it deep enough

Commment 2: Thanks for a hrefhttprayhpajcomtakniga Thanks for a hrefhttprayhpajcomtakniga the time to make this video and post Ive always liked this choke but I never understood the details until I watched this Many thanks

Commment 3: In Muay Thai you basically stand there and beat the crap out of the othera hrefhttpqtbqtijqcom poesrna Kickboxing you move around alot In American Kickboxing you are not allowed knees elbows or a clinch But other than that they are pretty similar

Commment 4: Nice post PatI agree with oli that i have found myself thkining about this when trying to figure out what techniques i wanted to work onI discovered through this process also that i didnt have preference to any particular positionstyle Put clearly i didnt know whether i was a guard player or a top game guy or any game guy for that matterWhich leads me to a question for youDo you think that identifying the style you likeplay is important in improving your game at blue belt level or that sticking to improving all parts of your game equally is paramount when that early in your BJJ journey httpejkporcom urlhttpqdmpbmnzuhcomqdmpbmnzuhurl linkhttphztclyinocomhztclyinolink

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