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Information About Maurice Moore's Karate Academy

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Maurice Moore's Karate Academy

2543 A East Main St



Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: Hey my name is kim scott I have a son that has low self esteem and he is picked on at school because he is shorter than the other kids and he likes to wrestle but I want him to be able to block the hits that the other kids do I know its notfor fighting but just by getting him into a class of your might help his outlook on life!! that he is not NOTHINGPlease help can you email me the prices and how much for gear or I can get !!! thank

Commment 2: Gary and Maurice are the best there is!!! I would put them up against anyone in the UFC! I took Garys class 20yrs ago when I was in high school. They teach you the real thing!!! Something you can rely on when you really need it. They will teach you forms and belts if that is your goal. But as Mr Miyagi said Belt is for holding pants up from the orginal Karate Kid movies. Belts dont help when you are in trouble. These guys are pracitcally minded. Sparring is what is important to them not belts.

Commment 3: Author of Comment 2 3 My name is Sean
Like most karate students I was picked on in high school. When my high school classmates came to the Town Rec Center to play basketball and peeped in the door way to watch us spar. They saw the shots I was taking I could take a hit well they suddenly had respect for me. I faced less ridicule or persecution afterwards. Thank you Gary!!!

Commment 4: Gary and Maurice are such great teachers that they can teach you by sparring without hurting you. I never got hurt in Garys classes.

Commment 5: Hi this is jennifer brice I was interested in some type of self defense course for my daughter and I. Hit me back on cell or email 8284137329

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