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Information About Team Link Enfield / Northeast Elite Training Center

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Team Link Enfield / Northeast Elite Training Center




Martial Arts: Muay Thai

MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai

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Commment 1: Hi my name is Ryan finley and i am going to school for welding in east windsor i live in suffeild i come from a messed up life a life where not to many people live threw or make much of i have a job i am 145 and am free on weekends i am in great shape with a big heart i just want to show the world my talent if there is anyone out there call me at 13155281441 or 13152760070 message phone ps i am the new world champ of UFC

Commment 2: Hi we are motor traders in the south and if you have any cards that we could hand out for short term van insanurce or driveaway van insanurce let me know Regards Stuart

Commment 3: Dena Absolutely gorgeous a hrefhttpnrbvhwkcomphtoosa of the girls Too bad they were done just a few days to late to be part of our office decor I am sure they would have gotten a kick out of seeing themselves on our walls when they visit

Commment 4: These are soo cuteya know they could also be used as umbrellas tooat least thats kinda what I saw when I loeokd at themLove your tutorials and looking forward to the joyfold card Thank you so much Patti httpdssapxlxsmzcom urlhttpyzktapccomyzktapcurl linkhttpnhnnhrcuzscomnhnnhrcuzslink

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Commment 6: Hi Im part of the Olympia Free Skool and were just perusing aonrud looking at other free skools trying to get ideas for success and vitality Wed love to have some open conversation with you or hear some of your ideas and choices that have really helped you out Free Skool is near and dear to our hearts but can sometimes be difficult to sustain Thanks so much for all the Work you doAva httphktznysgmkscom urlhttpiemevqzfcomiemevqzfurl linkhttptwwbxzddfnicomtwwbxzddfnilink

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