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Information About Expert KarateDave Batemans TKD

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Expert KarateDave Batemans TKD

1500 Clingan Ridge Drive, Cleveland, TN




Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Taekwondo, Hapkido

Check out our 14,000 square foot facility 45.000 of mirrors throughoutLocker roomsShowers
Tennessees premier Dojang

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Commment 1: This guy is mentally unstable you have been warned.

Commment 2: This guy is listed at three different addresses in Cleveland whats the story? I guess he cant run a legit business. . .

Commment 3: Master Dave was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota... He is the MOST intense Martial Arts Coach Around... He is new to Cleveland Teaching OFFICIAL TAEKWONDO and HapKiDo In Line with The International Olympic Committee THE BEST ARE USED TO GETTING SLAMMED Master Dave is an Outstanding Father and raises his Daughter and works very hard in ministry and by no means is he mentally unstable... Rather HE IS RADICAL FOR CHRIST... I have seen what he can do.... He is trying to break through for higher standards of Martial Artists in the area... Dont underestimate his ground game. He is certified in several legitimate styles including a Master in Sul Sa Do...THE ELITE with 126 Shoot Fighting WINS Midwest Sport Fighting Federation mid 1980s through mid 1990s

Commment 4: This is just a belt factory no better than Rick Popes just another Mcdojo.

Commment 5: Master Daves school is the best you are just jealous

Commment 6: Its easy to figure out if you look at the posts on all of the gyms from Cleveland they all share one thing Cleveland Mixed Martial Arts Academy has someone most likely the original ownerposting negative things about every gym in this town except for his own. Why cant you just let people train where they want to and worry about yourself. If people are happy where they are and with who they train with then what does it matter. Grow up and find something to do besides being a keyboard criticizer.
The structure of the sentences the words used the timing of the posts you think they would cover their tracks a little better.
To everyone that is NOT being critical enjoy your martial arts experience and let the arrogance remain at the mall.

Commment 7: Ty Bramlett and Jordan Defriece you are both fags. That is all.

Commment 8: i dont train at this school but i live in athens tenn right now im finishing up my A.I.T to be a 91 bravo and im wanting to get into better shape and also become better in hand to hand combatives could somebody thats not a critcizer please tell me exactly what i need to do to join my email is send a message asap ill be back in tenn in around 5 weeks after airbourne is completed thanks

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