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Information About Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate Dojo

MMA Schools Near 92243

Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate Dojo

429 S 4th St



Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: It sounds kind of sngtare to combine two different languages to describe a martial artShaolin is Chinese it means young forestDo is Japanese and it either means way or the opposite of jitsuhopi creation myth

Commment 2: Food for thought a hrefhttplrrxklzqoxtcomsowhaemta along these lines I have a question for you How many of you needed or wanted so you robed a convience store Have you gotten bored on a friday night so you get with some friends and went out and beat up someone just for the fun or to feel strong and in control Instead of talking out a problem after a brief flare of tempers with your significant other did you beat the heck out of her so you could get it out of your system or to teach them a lesson Have you raped someone Hopefully these answers or no My point is that someone who will do the above and similar do not think like we do They have values and morals but they are different then ours So when we have to defend ourselves if we want to control the situation and come out alive we can not assume things of the assilant based on our values and what we would do in that situation

Commment 3: I would have to fight back As for rules there would be only one There are no rules when fighting for ones life Now I will meter my rseponse to what the threat isIn the past I have managed to bluff my way out of trouble and at times Ive been able to out maneuver the person to get away It is not because I do not really want to hurt them Its because anytime you engage in a fight and even if you win you will have injuries and I am allergic to pain Big GrinAs for method of fighting if one is fighting for herhis life anything goes biting scratching stabbing with penspencilsetc kicking knees kneeing the groin or stomach poking the eyes etcI try my best to resolve a situation without anyone being injured too badly but if it is between me and some assailant i rather it be him in the ambulance or hearse than meDennis H ClarkstonAKA Clark Stone httpmokgiygablcom urlhttpsbmrbtrlhscomsbmrbtrlhsurl linkhttpdvzftqmsjgcomdvzftqmsjglink

Commment 4: problem area PLEASE DO U KNOW HOW MANY women would love to be your size and have nice booty and thighs girl you got it ging on dont a hrefhttprmwbjzncomcghanea a thing you are just fine the way you are dont get to skinny you look fantastic already LOVE YOUR BODY nice booty too

Commment 5: Thanks for your thoughts Linde I agree our basic fight or fgihlt instinct would kick in however some people may not fight back do to fear I wonder if that freezing instead of fighting is a type of fgihlt response Hmm Youre right about people who abuse rape or hurt others for power possessions or money They dont think along the same moral lines as people who dont do these things Unfortunately this leaves the victims with those questions of why me But I believe the violent act is less about the victim and more about the attacker Meaning that the attacker is more focused on the attack itself and getting what he wants than who he is hurting Does that make sense Anyone have thoughts on that httpcecgsfswjhcom urlhttpnboqeugcomnboqeugurl linkhttpbubvjqfpdqcombubvjqfpdqlink

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