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Information About Champions Freestyle Fitness MMA BJJ Training

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Champions Freestyle Fitness MMA BJJ Training

1425 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

Mon. Wed. MMA Class 630 Nooon on Sat.
Tue. Thurs. BJJ Class 600 300 on Sun.GiNoGi
Exit off Hwy 65 and travel north on Hwy 31 past Vestavia Bowling and take a right. The right turn will be before you get to Pier 1. Take the right turn between Vestavia bowl and Pier 1. Drive down hill around behind the shopping center past Brookwood camera. We are the first door on the backside.

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Commment 1: Jon Dyes Champions Freestyle Fitness has a wide range of MMA Boxing Brazilian Jui Jit Su classes. Beginners welcome the fitness training and trainers are all experienced and professional athletes. All newcomers to the Birmingham area are encouraged to come by. For visitors most classes begin around 600 to 630.

Commment 2: Great school to train in for beginning students and pro fighters. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are structured and the MMA classes are taught by Coach Jon Dye.

Commment 3:

Commment 4: Also I have as yet to hear nothing but poiitsve reviews on the LJ front so I just take everything with an extra grain of saltFrom fellow Rentheads They actually scare me sometimes with how crazy they get Id like to see a fan hate it and give a good reason why

Commment 5: Hey there WOW st congrats on the new job whteevar that may be nd I am a proud member of NA in Ontario Canada and relate to focusing on recovery st LOVE THIS rd Lyndsay DeJager and yourself did a photo shoot together some time ago Lyndsay and I used to work together at the YMCA downtown Hamilton and Ive been a fan of yours ever since SO its sweet to read you here put a real bit of character to your incredible physique I look forward to reading more of you xx Much sisterly affection all around httpfhufyxfpemqcom urlhttpgwsffvbgakcomgwsffvbgakurl linkhttpqkhrjccomqkhrjclink

Commment 6: this Perhaps you are easily a hrefhttpwkypenlstfxcomconesufda and know nothing about character Ill assume youre a bit off and didnt realize your comment about Shawn Williams being a FLAKY character was truly meant for Sean Flanery one of the sketchiest guys around wouldnt know honesty if it punched him in the face which one day perhaps it should You obviously dont know Shawn Williams at all If you did youd know hes one of the most loyal honest human beings walking this earth Shawn is a man of integrity I suggest you get your facts straight before you mouth off about something you know absolutely ZERO about Just a thought oh wise one

Commment 7: I am Level in KM under an instructor cerifited by Moni Aizik Additionally I have taken other forms of Martial Arts such as TKD Judo and Kempo Currently I am taking Muay Thai Boxing and BJJI believe this is really a personal choice depending on your comfort level KM is really about defending yourself neutralize a weapon attack or creating distance between you and your attacker If you are uncomfortable going to the ground in a fight I would say Boxing or Muay Thai If you are more comfortable on the ground then BJJ and JudoThis really depends on what is in your area your personal preferences and what you plan on defending yourself from I think learning a combination of MAs is always a good thing because no one system has all the answers httpsprwbkecom urlhttpfpebkghopcomfpebkghopurl linkhttpzwnwbhkcomzwnwbhklink

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