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Information About Crispim BJJ Barra Brothers

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Crispim BJJ Barra Brothers

7063 Commerce Cir., Unit G




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

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Commment 1: The finest BJJ academy in the Bay Area. My entire family participates in the different classes at the academy and we could not be happier with the entire staff and facilities. The BJJ instruction is amazing for both kids and adults and the boxing and fitness is first rate. Highly recommended!

Commment 2: I love training at Crispim BJJ Barra Brothers! This academy is where my second family lives seriously! Crispim is an awesome teacher and he makes Jiu Jitsu fun and keeps it competitive. Great academy!

Commment 3: The only way I can describe the vibe is its a big family. Crispim knows so much about everything that he has the best prospective on what really works. He belives strongly in teaching fundamentals. He also has so many other top notch coaches in strikingwrestling fitness and something else he brings to the table is his mind set its almost like he is a Greek philosopher because everything he teaches you about Jiu Jitsu applys directly to your real life outside the academy like he says Its a lifestyle. Everyone from white belts to blacks are very friendly and will help you with anything you need Crispim makes sure the vibe is awesome and no one has egos from the professional fighters that train there to the new white belts. I looked around at a lot of schools but this school offer everything all in one place Jiu Jitsu striking wrestling pro mma fitness boxing and the kids classes are outstanding I would bet my house that he has the best kids program in the bay area! I was talking to a Purple belt from another school and he actually told me that if he could he would rather learn from Crispim and Crispim is the best all around teacher and person to learn from. Thats a very strong statement but Crispim is everything he said and so much more. Please feel free to call him or come to the academy and see for your self and I promise it will be the best choice you will ever make!!!

Commment 4: Not only does Crispim BJJ provide the absolute best Brazilian jiujitsu instruction in the most nonthreatening environment it has fantastic feminine touches extra hairbands lotion mouthwash etc. that are truly appreciated!

Commment 5: My son is 6 and participates in the Kids BJJ class. The teachers are AMAZING to say the least. They have taken the time to get to know him. They have built a strong relationship with him and he is very comfortable working with them. He knows that he can ask for assistance is needed. The teachers will spend time with him to ensure that every need is met.

My son also loves the fact that his teachers are still fighters. They have now become his heros.

I love the fact that there is a HUGE since of family in this gym. The kids and adults are greeted every class by ALL of the teachers at the academy. We are very proud to be part of the Crispim Barra Brothers family.

Commment 6: My 7year old boy tried out the Kids BJJ class after not having had much fun with either Taekwondo or Karate. He loved it from the first day the instructors make every class fun and teach the kids real life skills applicable to both selfdefense these kids will never need to worry about bullies and tournaments. One huge difference between this academy and other martial arts styles is that the kids and adults learn what it feels like to grapple with an opponent from day one. The teachers were so great that I decided to join the adults BJJ class as well the best decision Ive made in a long long time!

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