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Information About BJ Penns World Class Mixed Martial Arts Academy

MMA Schools Near 96720

BJ Penns World Class Mixed Martial Arts Academy

639 Kinoole Street

HILO, HI 96720

808 9601346


Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

Home of UFC Legend BJ Penn, located in the old Hilo Macaroni Factory

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Commment 1: i am interested in enrolling my six year old into MMA. was wondering if you could steer me in the right direction. also some info on costs and classes. thank you for your time. once again thank you for your time.

Commment 2: Uri YOSHIO Hayashi

I have grown up in Martial Arts my whole life. My Father Mike Hayashi taught karate in Ybore city in Tampa Fl. His first Karate student Angel Gonzalez became his first Black Belt. Now Angel has a great MMA school in MiamiFl. American Karate Institute. I recently trained with him and his son Uylesses in Jujitsu I have also had the pleasure of training with Edwardo Delima Rodrigo Nogueria. My Uncle has train with the best and with the Gracie family. I got a virus in the Army and went to Angel to get healed...his house his rules...NO MEAT EAT ONCE A DAY DRINK WATER FRESH FRUIT JUICE 100 PURE...crazy! worked and its changed mt life! a Trainer Strength Conditioning Coach it totally changed my life! much so all I want to do is train JUJITSU and teach people like me who want to change but dont know how!

so Im looking for a GRACIE SCHOOL I can call home what excites me the most is to TRAIN EVERY DAY IN JUJITSU!!!

I hope you will be what im looking for and IM givging up everything to do it!...I have sold everything and im starting over!!!

so please if you can help me IM willing to do everything you ask of me to learn. if not...can you help me find the School and GRACIE TEACHER crazy enough to Train willing to go to Brazil if I cant find it hear in the US.

I am willing to work for TRAINING w/ my back ground I know I would fit right in. I taught MMA STRIKING KICKBOXING...and AMERICAN FREE
please any info you can provide would not be forgotten.

Thank you

Uri YOSHIO Hayashi

Commment 3: I want to train in wing chun. Is there anyone in hilo that teaches?

Commment 4: Awesome I want to train at this school. I currently train jiu jitsu in Hawaii but I am moving so I need a new school. Please let me know how I can sign up! Thanks!

Commment 5: Uri
Knew your dad well. My studio was just above his in Chicago. He is a dedicated man!
Mike Willett

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