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Information About Dominion Martial Arts

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Dominion Martial Arts





Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, MMA, Judo, Aikido

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Commment 1: Great school with great instructors. I like the hands on teaching that Mr. R Gabe and Cory teach. I also like that I am learning several systems to make me a better and overall martial artists.

Commment 2: Learning Sambo and it rocks. Great teachers and no contract.

Commment 3: This club claims to teach sambo yet after extensive research and discussion with the head instructor there is no single instructor at Dominion who has ever studies or trained sambo. False advertising! If you want to learn sambo do not go to Dominion.

Commment 4: Great school great training great prices with no dirty contracts locking you in.

Commment 5: Great group of instructors. I started at another school and once I walked into the academy I felt at home. All the instructors work with their students and they take the time to teach their students correctly. Mr. Rodriguez the head instructor is always at the school making sure that the students are learning proper technique. Hes been training since he was 10 years old and he makes sure that his students learn the right way.

Commment 6: The individual who posted the comment under comment 3 has never seen Mr. Rodriguez execute his Sambo. I trained him when he was stationed at Ft. Bliss Texas for 6 months. He knows his Sambo. To you who posted the comment under comment 3 read this 10551091108910901100 109010861090 108210901086 107310771079 10751088107710931072 107310881086108910801083 108710771088107410991081 108210721084107710851100. 1071 1079108510721102 108710881072107410761091 1086 10741072109610801093 108410721089109010771088 108910871086108810901072 10871086 1073108610771074108610841091 10891072108410731086 10871086110310891072. 105510861095107710841091 10731099 107410721084 10851077 108910881072107810721090110010891103 10851072 108510721094108010861085107210831100108510861084 1090109110881085108010881077 1080 10871086108210721079107210901100 108510721084 1089107410861077 1084107210891090107710881089109010741086. 104810831080 10741099 1076107710811089109010741080109010771083110010851086 1073108610801090107710891100 109510901086 1083110210761080 109110791085107211021090 1086 10741072109610771081 1087108610771079107610821077 1074 105610861089108910801102 1080 108210721082 10741099 107910721087108310721090108010831080 10791072 108710861103108910861084.

Commment 7: I have been training at Dominion Mixed Martial Arts Academy for 6 months and Mr. Rodriguez knows his hit. He knows what to teach his students so that they can compete and win. Plain and simple. We have students from other schools coming in and training with him. How much more does that tell you about his teaching and training?

Commment 8: Not the biggest school in San Antonio Texas as far as gym size. The school is about 1200 square feet but its classes are always packed with people learning. Good sign. Their fight team always places in the top 3 of every fight category and that shows me a lot. Rodriguez the head instructor works hard to make sure his students are good and trained and Mata Eby Grace are damn good instructors as well.

Commment 9: I just wanted to give my 2 cents. I have been at Dominion for about 4 months and when Mr.Rodriguez found out that I could not afford to pay tuition he told me still keep training and when I got back on my feet I could then start paying. This tells you everything about this school and Mr. Rodriguez. He has taught me so much that I feel it necessary to thank him on this board. If you are looking for an old school training place come check it out. You will be glad you visited.

Commment 10: All I can say is wow. Small school with a lot of talent in one location. Every instructor knows their stuff. Mr. Mata the head Judo guy is awesome. He loves to teach Judo. Mr. Eby the MMA conditioning coach is a black belt and he loves to make you workout. The muay thai coach handsome bob is an awesome teacher and he kicks hard. Mr. Rodriguez knows his Sambo Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he has the patience to teach everything he knows to his students. He was teaching a special needs student and if he can work with a special needs student like that then he can train anyone. This school is a diamond in Helotes Texas.

Commment 11: I brought my son here based on the recommendations of other parents and I am glad that I did. My son was getting picked on at school but now he has more confidence and most of all he loves to train at the school at the time. THANK YOU for making a great school so close to home. THANK YOU Mr. Rodriguez for having the patience to teach the kids program. YOU are a great teacher.

Commment 12: Mr. Rodriguez is an awesome instructor period! Not flashy not boastful just someone that loves to teach what he knows.

Commment 13: Been to other schools but this one is now home Everyone gets along and I am learning alot This school teaches technique technique technique and its improved by ground game One of the best MMA schools in the Northwest of San Antonio

Commment 14: agree with the comments in Could not have said it better Mr Rodriguez is a damn good mixed martial artist

Commment 15: My name is Urbano and I have known Mr Rodriguez since he started training Kuk Sool Won when he was years old He was an excellent kickboxer and he always patterned himself as Super Foot Bill Wallace He was approached by the Grand Master of Kuk Sool Won to travel to Korea and train with him but his parents did not let him go since he was underage The man has skills I remember the first time he fought in a tournament at South Padre Island as a white belt Our teacher told him to take off his belt and gave him his blackbelt and forced him to fight He beat the other black belt easy Mr Rodriguez is a humble guy and he has trained with some of the best martial artists in the world but he is also a private guy so he wont brag about his training credentials If you want to learn from someone that knows his mixed martial arts then visit his school You will be glad you did

Commment 16: Mr Rodriguez is one of the original Ju Ki Do blackbelts from the Professional Karate Institute in San Antonio Texas It was Mr Rodriguez Paul Haben Kris and Kevin Ujueta and these guys were the core of the school They taught all of the classes and anyone who trained with them is better for it When it came to demonstrations these guys always put on a great martial arts demo and their fighting skills are exceptional I know that Mr Rodriguez and Mr Haben have their own MMA schools and if you want to train with the best then you need to seek them out

Commment 17: Came to check out Mr Rodriguez and he had just finished training the San Antonio Executive Protection Force These guys guard VIPs like the mayor district attorney and so on and what he showed them was awesome He showed them how to throw an attacker so that they land on their head WOW The following day I came and saw him teach the Air Force Special Forces Soliders and I am very impressed Hes an awesome instructor and very laid back I told him I was a college student and could only afford so much a month and he said that I could sign up star training facility Highly recommend

Commment 18: Great school with a training philosophy that I like No Alpha Male found here All the instructors teach and they do it well I visited the school when Marcello Monteiro visited Dominion and he nothing but great things to say about Mr Rodriguez and Dominion Mixed Martial Arts Solid BJJ program impressive Judo and exceptional Sambo I signed up on the spot

Commment 19: This Sambo school is legit Talked to Mr Rodriguez and he knows his Sambo and everything else that he teaches He knows his technique and the students that he has been teaching Sambo do it extremely well Very impressed

Commment 20: Great Sambo school Nothing fancy just great teaching The level of instruction is by far the best I have ever seentrained in

Commment 21: Just trained at Dominion MMA and I just found out that the school is the st South Texas member of Gokor Chivichyan and Gene LeBells Hayastan Fighting System and Grappling World Association I am very impressed with all the coaching that is done at Dominion MMA Great dojo star organization

Commment 22: Came in for a free class Trained with Mr Rodriguez and he tapped me several times leg locked me and then showed me what I needed to do to be better on the mat The guy is a beast and hes very laid back When I saw that he was an accredited instructor with Gokor then I knew why

Commment 23: Dominion MMA has a stable of up and coming MMA fighters and their coaches are fantastic Took a free class and got to work with Coach Rey and Coach Jerry and all I can say is wow Signed up after class

Commment 24: For the guy who posted the comment on obviously you did not know that Dominion MMA is an accredited Hayastan Grappling Academy The designation says it all

Commment 25: Normally I would not get involved in this but the individual who commented on is a manipulative and conniving keyboard warrior that claims to have a Master of Sport in Sambo but their is no record of him fighting in Russia as he claims If you do not join his association he will blackball you and do everything in his power to discredit you and your organization People on the inside know his tactics and his agenda Dominion MMA and their instructors are some of the best that I have seen If they were not legitimate then they would not be teaching Special Forces Soldiers Members of the Secret Service or the Executive Protection Detail that guards the Mayor and other dignitaries in San Antonio Texas I am sure that the th degree Judo Blackbelt that calls Dominion MMA home and who actually trained Olympians would not be their teaching and training if something was fishy in Denmark

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