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Information About J Park Tae Kwon Do

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J Park Tae Kwon Do

3561 E Tudor Rd



Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1: Whats your plan for the dayIm going back to bed she criedThats fine But I have to take your brother to scohol Ill park in the lot today and after we drop him off YOU can walk over to the office and let the secretary know that you wont be at scohol today I calmly replied Oh I was crossing my fingers hoping this would push her into going It was the first day back and I was ready for my break And I continued when we get home you can email your teacher and let her know to set aside all of the work you are missing today and that youll make it up as homeworkBut no You CALL the scohol to let them know I wont be there she criedNope Thats for when youre sick Youre healthy so YOU can go into the office to let them knowOh fine she screamedAbout minutes passed with her in her room I was starting to get nervousAnd then with about minutes to go she came out of her room fully dressed with a more pleasant look on her face and announced that she had decided to go to scohol There was still much yelling for the next minutes but aside from a gentle reminder that she better eat something otherwise she was going to be tired AND hungry I ignored itAfter scohol when she was much happier I told her I thought she had made a good choice that morning She agreed It was a good reminder to me to not engage in the power struggle and that by laying out natural consequences that suited her personality she would most likely make the right choice

Commment 2: How can you justify this her a hrefhttpfbmfzoypicomresspnoea was Mom I already know this stuff and its boring and really Im just lazy Really your lazy it makes me crazy being intelligent and talented is a privilage and your going to tell me your just lazy Ive finally convinced her if she brings me anything lower than a B she will be grounded for life and forced to live with me and work at McDonalds I just dont get it though Since we have moved she is doing much better mostly because they offer extra curriculars for th graders and she knows that if her grades arent good then she cant participate But the choice is hers I have stopped complaining and fussing and just told her its her choice if she wants to coast and throw away her opportunities thats up to her but if she does that once shes and graduated she is on her own and when she has a dead end job she hates I full reserve the right to say I told you so lol

Commment 3: Thank you so much for your input and your sharing I find msyelf in the same boat with a very smart child who is bored out of her mind Even when she doesnt try at school or piano she gets above averageHow do we find that intrinsic internal motivation Thats the tough questionI think you approach to stop complaining and allowing her to experience the consequences of her actions even if on the long term is very very wise Not easy but wiseI think that its great that you are empowering her to recognize that the choice is hers if she wants to participate in extracurricular activities the requirement is steady good gradesKeep up the good work girl httppndqjfidcom urlhttpmfansfpixnicommfansfpixniurl linkhttpscylfstwmtcomscylfstwmtlink

Commment 4: Although it has been a little while since I havea hrefhttpgdpamoknwncom adenettda a class at Kangs Taekwondo I must say it is the place to be Taekwondo is a true martial arts with true meaning behind its legacy I got involved with Taekwondo for the many benefits it provides mentally and physically To me its about overcoming your fears that are held inside and not so much about the ranks or belts and a tool to use for yourself just in case you need it its great exercise and I firmly believe that if everyone looked at it in that particular way then their lives will change in a much better way Take at Kangs Taekwondo Broken Arrow You will be glad you did

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