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Information About Minnesota Martial Arts Academy

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Minnesota Martial Arts Academy

6840 Shingle Creek Pkwy




Martial Arts: Muay Thai

Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, Kali

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Commment 1: Brooklyn Center Minn. Mixed martial arts or ultimate fighting is becoming more and more popular across the country. And that popularity has increased scrutiny of the sport especially in Minnesota.

Two of the more popular fighters Sean the shark Sherk and Nick the goat Thompson train in Minnesota. The two were part of a group of fighters practicing at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy earlier this week. The Brooklyn Center gym has everything a mixed martial artist would need. Theres a boxing ring so fighters can practice their kickboxing a heavy bag for punching practice and a mat on the floor so the fighters can work on wrestling jujitsu and different choke holds.
Fighters use a combination of all of these techniques to get an opponent to submit have a referee stop the fight or win on points.

It may seem odd to bring regulations to a sport that appears to operate on one rule beat an opponent into submission. But there are rules they include no eye gouging crotch shots biting stomping on an opponent when hes down or neck shots. Other than that a fighter can box kick wrestle or use choke holds to defeat an opponent.
As the fighters practice Andy Grahn is working around the gym. Grahn program director for the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy says the sport is more than just a brutal street fight.

Once you know the level of hard work and preparation and skill that goes into it youll see it in a different light according to Grahn. When you start to look into it and you start to think about it youll see it for more than just a brutal sport youll see it as an art form.

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Commment 2: I dont train at school but I train at home by myself and sometime with my brother.

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