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Information About Dragon MMA Academy

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Dragon MMA Academy

18 South 11th street

AKRON, PA 17501

267 420 2320


Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, Shaolin

Dragon MMA Academy is a high level, elite Martial arts school located in Akron PA in Lancaster county PA. Dragon MMA Academy is known around the world as one of the top Martial arts schools for children. Our students compete at the highest level tournaments around the world and within the United States. At Dragon MMA Academy we offer a wide range of Martial arts. We have found that over many years of studying different forms of Martial arts that most systems can be used together for a more effective fighting style Shen Style Kung fu . Our kids kung fu and competition class is a mix of several different martial arts including Shen Style Kung fu ,Bai Kai Kung fu, Wushu, Russian Sambo, Muy tai, Sanshou, Ving Tsun, Kickboxing and Tai kwan do. We also offer traditional Shen Style kung fu, Wushu and Tai Chi open hand and weapon forms for both kids and adults. Dragon MMA Academy competes under the North American Federation of Martial arts. The NSKA, NASKA and Internationally under the IFOMA.and NAFMA. Dragon MMA Academy currently has 7 students on The USA National team for the 2014, 2015 season. We have been featured on Television, Martial arts magazines and on several top Martial arts websites. We do not hold our students back, We drive them forward. If you are interested in our program please call Master John Bitting or Sifu Lisa Bitting at 2674202320. If your child is being held back in their current training or not being challenged in martial arts anymore you should come try out for Team Dragon MMA Academy. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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