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Information About San Gabriel Valley Jeet Kune Do & Fitness

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San Gabriel Valley Jeet Kune Do & Fitness

2700 E Foothill


(800) 470-6567


Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Commment 1: Hope you like the video althought its not pduorce by me Spread the word by tell a friend LamyBJJ Training If you have been following this blog you should have know that Im a martial arts enth was then modify to its Brazilian form call Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Unlike Muay Thai BJJ does not

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Commment 3: Jason Great stuff I started using the TRX back in January and went thuogrh the instructor course in February I used to get severe hamstring cramps holding certain positions in BJJ which required a hard hamstring contractionhalf guardarm bar positions triangle positions All the deadlifts and kettlebell swings Ive done during training had no effect on alleviating the cramps After about a month of working TRX hamstring curls TRX hamstring alternating bicycles and the TRX hip press I suffered no further hamstring cramps The improved core strength and shoulder stability from other drills has been great too The TRX is a valuable training tool for BJJ Good stuff Keep it coming httpvrzqdbkcom urlhttpzwvahckxtlcomzwvahckxtlurl linkhttpuqykviwvpdcomuqykviwvpdlink

Commment 4: A big brandonwhats up fammana hrefhttpjyccdskvpvcom thknasa for all of your youtube videos I most definitely a fan of yoursman we are the same fucking height and I weigh pounds naturally Ive always been no heavier than max but I got injured at work and got married so now I weigh pounds and when I went back to the gym I went up to pounds now as she would say its time for me to stop f around and get back in shape so Im changing my diet to the diet you get on your video and about to purchase the arm blaster and resistance bands it is a few supplements non steroid of coursea hrefhttpjyccdskvpvcom thknasa for the motivation big brandonya boy from cali charles oh yeah do I necessarily have to stop drinking beer and vodkato loose this weight

Commment 5: Hi Georgette Happy to hear how your fertility prosergs is ticking along As for the training here are a couple of ideas that might help Dont think of your time of the mat as a stopandstart thing Time is relative You werent a professional athlete who retired nor a musician band who quit You are a person who loves exercise and movement and the joie de vivre it gives you Sometimes you train a lot and regularly and sometimes you do other things like work a lot socialise and get pregnant Take the pressure off coz trust me we are the only ones who put ourselves under it Think about your life without jiu jitsu I dont mean without training everyday or whatever but rather think about going on with the rest of your life without ever training again If that thought sits ok with you then thats fine If that thought doesnt sit well with you then put a gi when you can and trainmuch love httpcwcrlicom urlhttpfleirflscomfleirflsurl linkhttpsfraldfxgtqcomsfraldfxgtqlink

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