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Information About The Kai Thai Academy of Martial Arts

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The Kai Thai Academy of Martial Arts

306 Nash, Wilson NC

WILSON, NC 27893



Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Greco Roman Wrestling, Strength and Conditioning.

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Commment 1: KTA is a great place to train! To have a Muay Thai Kru certified from the Muay Thai Institute of Thailand a BJJ Brown Belt and a National level Greco Roman Wrestler all under one roof.... wow. Not to mention the Kai Thai family as whole. There is a lot of talent and a ton of heart.

Commment 2: This is a fantastic school! I started training to lose weight and I lost 25 pounds! The students are great and the instruction is top notch! Everyone pushes me to be better and I love it!

Commment 3: The place is a joke they have a lot of clowns that train there. One guy claims to be a UFC fighter but only has 1 official fight as a pro a loss to joe rigs not even on a UFC fight card. Avoid this place they lie and arent very good.

Commment 4: Whoever wrote comment 3 is the joke Bishop Holmes is the truth people his skills speak for thereself. I moved to Virgina and fight there right now but started my base with KTA and will return to North Carolina soon. I am 30 in the cage right now and know that KTA is offical. Winslow Wells

Commment 5: The author of comment 3 has never even been to the gym lol.

Commment 6: I bet that the writer of Comment 3 was expecting to train at a McDojo. When he found out that KTA does actual WORK he must have quit. KTA probably bruised this dudes ego BIG TIME.

Commment 7: The Academy is legit. You wanna work for it? Can you discipline yourself to commit to it? Dont mind putting in the hours days months and years? Be a part of this! You wont be sorry. And if you cant stand the heat go to comment 3s house and play pattycakes. go train.

Commment 8: Comment 3 is kinda funny The Academys fight record proves its legit and both the fighters and those just looking for a good work out have found an awesome place to train. The school has a good reputation on several different stages including associations such as the WKAmuay thai and mma US Grappeling juijitsu and Professional Boxing. The person who wrote comment 3 probably wears tap out shirts so high school girls think hes a fighter

Commment 9: Actually comment three is correct. The person he is talking about does only have 1 official pro fight on his record and is not a UFC fighter. Look is up. He can fight though.

Commment 10: And he never claims to be a UFC fighter just that he would like to fight in the UFC one day. Isnt that the goal of most MMA fighters? To be the best they can be? Training at KTA is going to help take him all the way!

Commment 11: Comment three is not correct. It mixes apples and oranges. There are no clowns at KTA and certainly no one who lies. That is the beauty of this gym. Egos get left at the door. Everyone is there to help everyone else reach their potential. It is more than a gym it is a family. One of our members is a pro mma fighter with a record of 01 on who has a loss to Joe Riggs however he is an awesome fighter and most know that record does not tell the whole story. We appreciate his expansive knowledge of MMA skills and that he chooses to share them with us. I have never heard him refer to himself as a UFC fighter. We also have a pro boxer and national level GrecoRoman and former collegiate wrestlers who train at KTA. They too graciously share their knowledge and strengthen the level of training at the gym. And our instructors are top notch Kru Bishop Holmes in Muay Thai and Eric Griffin in BJJ. Training at KTA is no joke. Stop by and find out the truth for yourself.

Commment 12: Is comment 3 about the guy who lives with the lady old enough to be his mom? Or is that his mom?

Commment 13: Thank you Comment 9 and 10 for doing research rather than relying on random posts on random message boards. Its the old if I saw it on TV then its GOTTA be true mentality sometimes.

I recommend that anyone interested in trying ANY gym no matter where you are to check it out first hand. Reading about the work is a lot different than performing the work. I personally searched all over and tried many different schools/academies first hand before locking in with Kai Thai. I actually really enjoyed a lot of different gyms in a 30 mile radius but KTA was just the best fit for me.

The people I train with are nononsense go getters. The name calling of 3 and 12 is playground politics likely from someone that feels threatened by the fighter mentioned and his tremendous experiences across the nation. KTA seemingly is collateral damage. IDK..... if anyone here is reading I hope you find the honesty in the posts from the people speaking from their heart. Come check out KTA for yourself. If you like it and are willing to put in the work by all means come join. If its not for you well happily recommend a couple places here in town.

Commment 14: RE Comment 13 Reading about the work is a lot different than performing the work. So true! And really who cares if the guy has a Sugar Momma? Dont all fighters need sponsors? As far as the UFC stuff he is just one of THOUSANDS and thousands of guys that are darn good fighters who didnt get their break. Only a tiny percentage of fighters ever really make it big. There is only so many spots with thousands trying for the spots. Kinda like musicians who never got their break but it doesnt mean they dont have talent and skill.

Commment 15: My friend told me this gym is awesome. I cant wait to go to Kai Thai soon. Probably after school gets out. He said the classes are intense and the instructors are great teachers cant wait!!!!!

Commment 16: ...stuck my head in there the other day and they were working their aes off. I dont know much about UFC fighting but this place had a bunch of people working out harder than you can believe. I want to start.

Commment 17: Yea what he said. I saw it too but I dont think I have what it takes. Maybe if I were younger? I hear theres a couple 50 people in there. Maybe...?

Commment 18: I posted comment 17. I meant to say 50 plus age people. Thats inspiring to me.

Commment 19: I know of one guy in his mid 60s that was told by his Doctors to work out or basically die. His passion is in the traditional arts but he is definitely one of the family at Kai Thai. He is in there all the time working out. By the way..... he claims to be in the best shape of his life and looks it too!

Commment 20: a school is what the students make itand thats comes from the teachershey 19 see u when u get back

Commment 21: Great School!!!!!!!!!! Come in on Friday Night fights and see us get it in or any other tinme during the week we have an open door policy and this gym will change your life if you allow it to.



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