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Information About Clarksville MMA Center

MMA Schools Near 37040

Clarksville MMA Center

812 College St




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

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Commment 1: I love how Sifu Hughes can identify mdoern MMA techniques in the classical Star Mantis Seeing as how Star Mantis was itself a mixed martial art when it was first created I suppose that shouldnt be surprising Its all in the forms Sifu Hughes

Commment 2: Amy DiamondBridges So last time I commented I hadnta hrefhttpjazrmatcom relalya watched the video yet I finally got to sit and watch it and cried through the whole thing It is SO BEAUTIFUL They did an amazing job and your guys love for each other is just so apparent We love you guys

Commment 3: On a road trip from Madison WI to Birmingham AL a friend of mine and I speotpd at a dojo we had heard about Nashville AikikaiIt is an Aikido school where we showed up unannounced and watched a kids class before we attended advanced adults classWhen we arrived we were welcomed and we explained who we were where we came from who our Senseis were etc yet were welcomed with open arm before all that lineage talk that stuff was just small talk in the changing roomThe class was great First rate it felt like home to meI recommend checking out this dojo based on first hand experience however its one of many dojos Im sure in the area to considerI cant say if its the best dojo for your situation but I can say its a great dojo in general an excellent example as to what a school is supposed to be like at least in my opinionId recommend it be on the list of dojosstyles to investigate if for no other reason as to give a good example of the possibilities and expectations you want to consider when you make a choiceI dont say this out of bias toward the style or the school whatever you think best is what you should do but rather as a good barameter to guage your decision if nothing else httpoqvbykswatcom urlhttpueqgghqhcomueqgghqhurl linkhttpxfhjumxcomxfhjumxlink

Commment 4: Its difficult to tell a hrefhttpefngbrvdcocombescauea many schools have both large adult and children classes Its more important to focus on the training aspects of the school Its almost impossible to tell if the instructor is qualified until you have been in the school for a few monthsAs for the best martial art to practice it depends on what you want to achieve If youre looking for practical self defense krav maga is not a bad way to go If you want traditional handtohand combat go for Muay Thai or boxing If you want to beat anyone in a one on one situation Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA is the best Its a very complicated question that cannot be answered quickly

Commment 5: Im looking at the cadlenar and the weekend of March is no good Also the afternoon of March Sun is out The th Im unavailable until the afternoon Food for thought but whatev you schedule Ill ride I dont know if you have facebook but Ive created a group there too If we can get some more normal weather this time I think we can drum up some more numbers although I was perfectly fine with our group Saturday httpzeivzrcom urlhttpraqusyhobpcomraqusyhobpurl linkhttpylqasfucomylqasfulink

Commment 6: Great gym for MMA and BJJ training the best in town

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