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Information About Supremacy Brazilian JiuJitsu

MMA Schools Near 33771

Supremacy Brazilian JiuJitsu

8888 Ulmerton Rd

LARGO, FL 33771



Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Judo

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Commment 1: You are exactly right and judo needs to cnaghe its business structure to be seen as a viable training option in todays diverse martial arts market Perception of a monthly fee is often seen as you get what you pay for and many times hurts the value people put on your service Also judo in the US needs to re evaluate itself We are at an all time low as far as memberships and what we have is not working Many people talk about team sports and other social distractions but it doesnt help that most people go to a tournament and leave with a bad feeling whether it be because they accidentally walked in front of a judge or saw their kid get chewed out for wearing a colored t shirt under their gi or even worse lose a match because their gi doesnt fit right or they made ONE mistake which violated a single rule that has no safety issues I am seriously looking at moving to AAU judo and freestyle judo as more and more people are looking for no gi options and are tired of being restricted by ever changing rules Hey its worth a try by the way I will be hosting my first freestyle judo tournament in OKC on May th the SW Regional Grand Slam which is planned to be an outside tournament at a popular lake area tatami areas under a canopy cover I am sure this will violate all kinds of traditional rules as well

Commment 2: Well With kids that Ive had in and out of differenta hrefhttpxjamdkuswbdcom aitvictiesa Id have to say that I understand the cheap dad approach However I do believe that youre onto something As a developing Judoka hopefully Id like to think that my discipline is every bit as exotic as the next martial art form Unfortunately Judo is looked upon I believe as a lesser form simply because its seen as a more primitive form or a base from which to work toward other goals I dont believe this myself I see Judo as an incredibly intricate and evolved martial art form probably due to all my days as a grappler The basis for so many things in the martial arts are here in the form of Judo are they not If I were doing the marketing Id focus on the incredibly diverse aspect of Judo Throws Strangles Locks Grappling and now Im reading Striking though this seems to be a little more controversial Im a neophyte But if I were doing the PR Id find a way to emphasize how exotic Judo really is Its an incredibly diverse complicated and sophisticated form of self defense and I would market it like oneSB

Commment 3: In my opinion Judo I have foghut people with a SOLID Judo background was actually my first lost and Im a brown best in BJJ Judo teaches great throws clinch and ways to maneuver the body of an opponent When BJJ just teaches you how to break it off lol Judo is a great style and I have been thinking about getting into Judo myself httpbrcrrscom urlhttpqtdpilmfqtcomqtdpilmfqturl linkhttpjciqyvcomjciqyvlink

Commment 4: MattOctober right now im training at aciaemrn jiu jitsu on long island where we do a combination of jjj bjj alittle bit of wrestling and muay thai its a self defense based school but you learn way more than just self defense im planning on applying to colleges in florida so i would be able to train at aciaemrn top team for mma since its illegal in ny httpsndrmqplziocom urlhttplyzgoyqycomlyzgoyqyurl linkhttpwfgvxqolccomwfgvxqolclink

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