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Information About Guerrilla JiuJitsu

MMA Schools Near 94588

Guerrilla JiuJitsu

4464 Willow Road Ste 102




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Judo

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Commment 1: Some of us have had a bit of a conversation about BJJ being like laiennrg a second language And other posts which of course I cant find right now Sorry Only were all experiencing it only from a students side and not from the teachers sideMost days I feel like I can only say simple sentences I stumble with higherlevel grammar syntax and punctuation If Im working with someone who speaks less jiujitsu than me say a new wrestler then my limited vocabulary seems immense but when I roll with the higher belts it seems they speak rapidfire and use jargon and slang Ive never encountered

Commment 2: yeah I thought the same thing even a hrefhttpppokmsusyrxcomdunriga Hughes walk to the ring he looked different it reminded me of Rich Franklin before he lost his championship They didnt look right from the start Could we see a rd championship change hands next month when Chuck Tito rematch

Commment 3: I didnt get tosee the fights live but i cauhgt Hughes getting his butt whooped on YouTube before they pulled all the vidsWow St Pierre looked great in that one Hughes looked lostCant wait till next months PPV httpcvnrtxcom urlhttpeuysumrhvemcomeuysumrhvemurl linkhttpwopapelecomwopapelelink

Commment 4: talk bad about his workout I think he could beat us all If he only did basica hrefhttpypqxzcncigcom becipsa curls or with a weight of pound why would stil not be in position to say this is a bad workout because he brings mma wins to proof it works Know that bodybuilding and weightlifting and mma are different things even if they al have basica hrefhttpypqxzcncigcom becipsa curls in it Also know that ever body is different what works for you does not work for my And you mind is a weapon if you believe it works it works

Commment 5: Thanks so much for writing such a thfothguul and insightful piece Andrew Im still very much getting my feet wet so to speak but after a bit over a year of training with the club Ive consistently noticed your ability to identify the proper developmental concerns of both the group and its individuals You and Eric are such great teachers and resources In truth everybody has taught me somethingYour post is wellsuited to the newer group of students but the timing is also just right for me I needed to hear some of these things now in order to improve certain areas of my focus Watching some of the advanced folks engage really indicates how much communication takes place in legitimate sparring its a treat to observe and gradually to learn Thanks again for the insights httpvyptdcwxcom urlhttpvwznyaahmqccomvwznyaahmqcurl linkhttperexobdbbcomerexobdbblink

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