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Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Judo

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Commment 1: Good morning to you all in Zambezi I love it Ive been wchntiag the clock since you all took off on Tuesday and have been hitting refresh on the blog every seconds until your arrival Remember just say yes to everything slow down serve with others at eyelevel love those you lead and live in the present Looking forward to seeing you all on the tarmac in a few weeks if only for a quick high low or a chest bump

Commment 2: Im not a big fan of Robi but I think he deserves to be the biga hrefhttpokonoogaxcom weninra and not ejay Inside the house Robi was a good follower leader and a role model Ejay on the other hand was a bit timid Who cares about their past Not because Ejay grew in such situation that he deserves to win What is PBB for kung past lang ibebased kung mananalo or hindi Thats what PBB is for right To view peoples attitude ways and opinions when theyre in a such contained space Kung past lang ibebased then they shouldnt stay inside the house in the first place What they did inside the house MATTERS most For ejay and robis fans and im proud to say im not one of them now tell me not knowing their past who will you vote amongst the two Robi na naging role model in everything he did or Ejay na all he thinks is Valerie

Commment 3: Congratulations on getting the new job I cant wait to hear more about it AND coagrntulations also on your progress in the step program You have experienced so much in your life and have grown learned and gained so much wisdom that you share with us and others who are lucky enough to have met you andor follow you online Its a beautiful thingHere in Christchurch after the earthquakes there is a phrase that has been used a lot It is Kia Kaha a Maori indigenous people of New Zealand phrase meaning stay strong So Kia kaha KortneyYou look fantastic in that pic by the way httpdtrsniyyccom urlhttpejjovcacomejjovcaurl linkhttpajpuuvjcomajpuuvjlink

Commment 4: You know that quote Im only one stomach flu away from my goal a hrefhttpcclslidkbvcomwegihta Thats me this week I just weighed myself and have a new low of pounds down from last week but I suspect that its mostly due to the flu Ive had for the last days My awesome diet now is the BRAT diet bananas rice applesauce and toast Yum Id be a lot happier if I wasnt worried that Im burning lean muscle mass in the process but anything that makes me not feel like throwing up right now is good One thing I found inspiring this week Julia was looking at the timeline of your a hrefhttpcclslidkbvcomwegihta loss I think you averaged like a quarter pound a week on that app I need to keep that mindset that you have that Im in this for the long haul and not to get discouraged when this slows down for me A quarter pound a week doesnt sound like a lot until it adds up to pounds

Commment 5: Debbyie thank you so much for that comment I have wokerd so hard to just simply be happy about whats overall happening in my life with my health Whether that was making a single better choice or maintaining some weight loss known as the dreaded plateau and keep that long term goal in mind The longer it takes the more sustainable a lifestyle youve createdI hope you feel better soon I remember being on a nocolorful foods diet Popsicles bananas soup Yuk Though I ate a million popsicles Oooh frozen bananas are so delicious httprgpondmsncom urlhttpedgwfwtecomedgwfwteurl linkhttpifjjtyvhacomifjjtyvhalink

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