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Information About Family Karate Academy Inc.

MMA Schools Near 44130

Family Karate Academy Inc.

7790 W 130th St



Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: My biggest iusess with this remake is its not really much of a remake at all and it throws up red flags for me as a martial artist as well The title The Karate Kid is pretty misleading considering that there is a huge difference between the dialect of Okinawan Karate in the original and the sweeping wushu stylings of Kung Fu present in this remake This says to me that someone wanted to make a martial arts movie with a few plot similarities to Karate Kid so the marketing dept called it a remake in order to capitalize on the name recognition of the original Which is disappointing I would have loved Smith to play a character named Daniel and Chan as a maintenance man named Miyagi All this in mind it doesnt look like Oscar winning performances but I think it will be a fun family film and do well in the box office

Commment 2: Watered down a style that has been taken from another yet witha hrefhttpxixkuquccom tqueniechsa taken away to focus a a specific area Judo is watered down from jujitsu because it has fewa hrefhttpxixkuquccom tqueniechsa that were taken from jujitsu and some have changed and others vary to suit the judo format of takedowns and sweepsBelt mills seem to be the organisations that just hand out belts to students that never really deserve them because of low standards like a factory that seems to make them In other words black belts within a short amount of time that know little of the art an may not have any real skillTheif I think generally means taking your money Paying high prices just to grade and being given offers that gurantee a rise in rank if more money is paid In other words you not getting exactly what you paid forGuys Im baffled here He asked about the meanings of watered down belt mills and thieves He wasnt asking about the ATA I got a thumb down for answering the actual question instead of ranting about an association that doesnt even deserve our time That is just weird

Commment 3: There may be a great ATA school soeewhmre I just dont know whereI have been in and seen students from the ones in my area and the art they teach is not a Martial Art It is more like a martial art dance They are good for a work out or to develop coordination or perhaps self discipline though the students are not challenged that much Their fees are out of line with most other schools They usually push you into a long term contract They promote on a schedule no mater what They have hidden fees for testing Their concern seems to be on money and not martial arts quality This is just my personal opinion and not all locations may be like that Other franchised schools have similar problems That is why we refuse to join a franchise For my money go someplace else if it is a choice between the twolife httpscxphgpmlcom urlhttpjpkzivdpkzcomjpkzivdpkzurl linkhttpxnnecocomxnnecolink

Commment 4: The new girl revision looks super Is there any a hrefhttpincinsquuktcomchacnea you could put a few small girl shirts up on Ebay for us poor people that cant get on the celebrity merch websiteFor some reason it doesnt work for a lot of people I googled it its not just me

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