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Information About Lions Den

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Lions Den

7352 N Government Way Ste F



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Commment 1: Hello My name is Jaron and i would like to start trainging there. please call me at 2087552449

Commment 2: yes i would like to train there but with no job i dont see it happenen! my name is ryen i have martial art skills but i would like to hone them and step in the cage! im 18 eamil me at

Commment 3: Yes Im 13 and want to train

Commment 4: i train there great school! jujitsu and muay thai are awsome classes

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Commment 8: I dont go there yet but want to get into MMA and heard this was the best place in Coeur d Alene. It was recommended by two people at my school.

Commment 9: O ya well my names Kyle Corbit and I can whoop all yr little asss! you wanna fight call me at 2088195496.

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Commment 27: Hey Trevor this is devin Josh currans son I whanted to let you know that hes taining at 1on1 fitness hes making a come back Please get ahold of him at 2087047506or2087043883 thanks Ijust thaught that you might wanna know seriously


Commment 29: josh whants to fight bad please call or im ganna make him come in you and i are the only two that can make it happen reach him at 2087047506

Commment 30: hey im interesting in fighting for you my name is josh buffalow head curran ive faght for you allready 610 record im making a come back to fight for you again im ready line me up a fight call me at 2087043883.THANKS

Commment 31: Any information and cost would be great. I have the athleticism potential and confidence to be a high level fighter. Its my dream to make this a career. 2086272632

Commment 32: heard a lot about you guys awesome!!!!!!!!!

Commment 33: Hey I just moved to Coeur d Alene. Ive been in the ring for almost 4 years know and Im really just looking for a place to continue my training get in the ring meet some new people and have fun doing it ALL. Im a dedicated trainer and an awesome teammate for matches. I would like details on your gym please. 3076223763

Commment 34: Billy Joslin is agood friend of mine and i was wondering if you guys have any photos i could send him because he is a huge fan of your camp I am matthew Lane on face book or available by email at imbackmlgmailcom THANX

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