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Information About Crazy Monkey New Mexico

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Crazy Monkey New Mexico

1534 Stephanie Rd.




Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

High level Boxing, kickboxing and MMA for selfdefense in Rio Rancho. Designed for the everyday person to develop functional skill.

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Commment 1: How much are the classes and is it where you come only when want like ianuvididl class or it is like scedule every week a week or something with the same people I looking for something every week

Commment 2: Hi Kimberly our membership is euro and with that we will give you two freea hrefhttpkzjlksiecom csalsesa After that individuala hrefhttpkzjlksiecom csalsesa are just euroClass are weekly with twoa hrefhttpkzjlksiecom csalsesa a week

Commment 3: I feel like I want to say something that a mom would say in a nuutrringpatronizing voice that youre being to hard on yourself I will try to say that without that kind of tone while maintaining a tone of compassionWhile pushing yourself to do something youre afraid of is more than admirable you shouldnt feel like youve been defeated because you had an emotional reaction to that exercise Your reaction was completely natural panic Though you rationally knew you were safe that instinctemotional reactive part of your brain couldnt tell the difference between a simulated restraint and an actual restraint I can imagine part of you wanted to keep it together as the only woman in a class full of men That might have heightened your reaction since you had to hold your feelings in until you got to your car Perhaps youve felt this way in the past having no control or feeling like you must hide emotions Your brain recalled a past emotion and assumed I am in a dangerous position FEAR Its almost impossible to undo some of these reactions as they are what kept us alive as a species for so long Some that are attached to past traumas either big T trauma or little t trauma are able to be undone with lots of work Our brains are funny things Ive realized this recently because I often confuse hunger with anxiety Ill eat until Im full to bursting because I want to stop the constant buzzing nausea in my torso Turns out eating just makes me lethargic and depressed and less equipped to handle my anxiety If I just wait feel the uncomfortable feeling Im trying avoid it usually subsides Tough situation It seemed like everyone involved had your best interest in mind your instructor seems very thoughtful and its good that you had the option to work with someone that you trusted You fought I think that the crying and showering is part of that fight Even if you never took another class you can still fight those fears in other ways And thats not giving up Its knowing yourselfok thats the end of my long unsolicited advice hugs httpavhdioqcom urlhttpnhwcvntcomnhwcvnturl linkhttpsudqtkqpbhcomsudqtkqpbhlink

Commment 4: I want to see Women in UFC now that would be a good way forward get some womena hrefhttpfpnhizqlgumcom wnhctiaga the UFC rather than walking out the room and doing something else maybe some at the actual venue that does not get completely bored or even a Ultimate Fighter version for the women

Commment 5: I am looking to get into this But i dont know much about itIs there going to be an intudorctory class on September st If so how much is itAnd do you have to sign up for it or do you just walk in httpoktzgbezktcom urlhttpukoxxpdpcomukoxxpdpurl linkhttppaulzlfhtcompaulzlfhtlink

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