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Martial Arts: Boxing

at Hughes International Training Services, MMA, Traditional Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, & Women's Self Defense

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Commment 1: the person that owns/runs this school is never there it is a train yourself place when owner jeff hughes is there he doesnt train with everyone he only trains with the same person no one else that is why he has lost most of his business he has had to move business 4 times in the last 18 months he is not a good business man he lost all of his equipment when he was at the building on pittsburgh

Commment 2: This man lies and he will cheat you out of your money.He cheated his business partner Sheryl out of the money that she used to buy ALL the equipment with he cheated the clients out by not being there to train them we had to train ourselves even though we had to pay for a trainorHe does not know how to run a business jeff is the person who ran it into the ground Sheryl is the only reason that it lasted as long as it did She is why we kept going as long as we did then jeff Forced her out did not pay her ANYTHING of the MONEY that he owed her WE quit going after that HE DID IT TO SHERYL HE DID IT TO US HE WILL DO IT TO YOU ALSO

Commment 3: As usual one side of the story is only toldmost of the clients that did train there did not pay dues or only wanted to train on there own time i know jeff personally he is a christian and his school has been voted best in the community choice awards and his was honored as instructor of the year by EUSAIMAA black belt hall of fame..

Commment 4: no i go to menallen

Commment 5: no

Commment 6: no

Commment 7: no

Commment 8: no

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