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Information About Paul Thomas BJJ

MMA Schools Near 77450

Paul Thomas BJJ

1125 Mason Rd

KATY, TX 77450



Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Judo

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Commment 2: Happy New Year Over Christmas break I was in Cali visiting a hrefhttppologmtkqcomfailmya and training at th Planet Jiu Jitsu Riverside when my instructors Sean and Jeremy wanted to take me to Hollywood to train with Eddie Bravo it was awesome Check out my photos videos and news for the latestFollow me on FaceBook

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Commment 4: I would tell her to focus on the lapels just below thea hrefhttphqhfrozobvcom colalra bone Think of drawing a x square centered just above the center of the chest that is pretty much the gripping target on each lapelGripping strategy varies widely so here is a traditional strategy that works very well Assuming she is a righty she should have her right foot forward With this stance the first grip should be her left hand grabbing her opponents right lapel Second grip is the right hand grabbing her opponents left lapel Result is a standard double lapel grip but the order you grip the lapels in is important Gripping in the reverse order leaves you open to big turning throws from right handed opponents I also like this grip because it can be used to slow down the double leg giving you a better chance to really defend the double with a good sprawl Defensive Strategy This is probably where she is at the biggest disadvantage because her peripheral vision does not pick up the foot and hip movement while she is looking at the person chest My advice would be attack attack attack and use offense as the best defense If she isnt attacking she should probably just try to keep moving her opponent around so the opponent cant settle into a good attack patternAttack Strategy I am not sure if a lack of peripheral vision would really hamper attacks but one I like from the double lapel grip I suggested is drop O Uchi Gari

Commment 5: You are one awesome child We are so very proud to be your Grandparents You have come along way Rion and we wish you many more years of suesccs and happiness You can do whatever you want to do never give upWe love you httpfywfrswudrcom urlhttptfefmrcomtfefmrurl linkhttpeqvmoifzamcomeqvmoifzamlink

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