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Information About Grand Champ MMA

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Grand Champ MMA

1716 Pineview Rd


Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, MMA

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Commment 1: This has got to be the best place in Charleston to train if your wanting to do mma this is your new home

Commment 2: place sucks. Muay Thai trainer didnt show up for 3 months and when he did show back up he disapeared the next day. Never even met the BJJ guy and he quit coming. There was one more trainer who was there all day and by the time I got off work and got to the gym he was too tired to do any thing. Everything about this gym sucked. I had guys that told me they were the best stand up fighter in the gym even though he hasnt trained in a year. I quit going and am looking to go back to my old place. They even had the audacity to charge me for two months after i left and now i have a 168 charge that i never made on my bank acct and also have four overdraft fees. Im pretty sure it is the owner who is on drugs doing this. First time i met him he was shaking real bad and wouldnt look me in the face. Everyone i talk to has the same experience with him. Bottom line is avoid at all costs. Dont get ripped off like me

Commment 3: Prior staff did the owner wrong

Commment 4: This place is a joke. Hopefully they have gone under by now.

Commment 5: They lie about all of their credentials. Prior staff is half of the problem. Lack of professionalism is their real deal. I have heard everything that comment number 2 has made to be true from multiple people. It is too MMA a bad name.

Commment 6: I went there for about a year and saw Kirk abt 5 timeshe is such a joke if you want good guys to be around this is not the place

Commment 7: comment 3 must be a friend or still going there

Commment 8: Let me tell you something about this gym it nothing but drug using punk that do nothing to help themself or anyone that gose there after there not trainer that show up for classes get got so bad that i had to leave you walk in there and it smell like weed and all the trainer are fuck up out there mind

Commment 9: are you guys talkin about grand champ?

Commment 10: drug problems for sure

Commment 11: Ive been going the last 8 months. Ive never seen nor smelled drugs and Kirk has been teaching every striking class. Im not sure where are getting your information.

Commment 12: For a school that does nothing...they sure have a ton of fighters win their bouts.

Commment 13: 12 must be friends with them. i was in there last week and what a joke kirk was shaking so bad he wasen able to do class and left and in about 20 min later came back and said he felt better by then most of us were lol because he smelled of weed. befor i left i looked in his bag when opened it and there had to five needles in there ill never go back

Commment 14: This place sucks

Commment 15: The proof is in the octagon people. If you want to learn you have to do the work and these boys know what they are doing. As for consistency and work ethic try busting your ass teaching classes and training clients all day in a nonair conditioned setting....DONT HATE EM JUST CUZ YOU CANT BEAT EM

Commment 16: I agree with comment 15....these guys on here trashing the place must have gotten their asses beaten up pretty bad!

Commment 17: Ill tell you what all you haters come on in and see if its joke! When you get tappedsnapped and bitch slapped youll change your mind. These guys are for real but if you wanna try it im sure some of these Grand Champ Warriors would gladly show you how it is. Glove up or Shut up!

Commment 18: I just think this is all funny if one of the haters here wanna come by to get their ass kick let me know or if any of u guys is a fighter I would love to fight any of u.... Leave a coment let me know... I give u all my information we can fight whenever...

Commment 19: Hey number 13 you are a bitch . reveal yourself I will I dont think you need to come back . We run this city and u just mad cause u cant or dont have the skill to keep up . Come get in the cage with me one time and I will show you everything I learned there .go back to your old school and keep a losing record that shit is not for me baby 20 baby Grand Champ

Commment 20: Comment 19 andy mcwilliams forgot to tell you that

Commment 21: You all need spelling and grammer lessons!!!

Commment 22: Comment 8 spells like Mark Presswood or maybe it is him!

Commment 23: First of all Kirks credentials are real! But what some punk ass has to say about it makes no difference. I am a CHICK from MA who was down there for a few months and Kirk trained me and I could show you whats up. Kirk is a dedicated person who has a passion for this and loves what his does apparently that must intimadate you guys. JESSICA from Charleston now back in Massachusetts

Commment 24: I have a feeling all the people talking trash go to The American Fighter gym or another local place. Quit talking shit. Just go train wherever you wanna train at. If Grand Champ isnt it then just be quiet and go away dont bash the place. Idiots.

Commment 25: Wow what a bunch of cryin ass bitches! Take a look at the record in the cage thats what tells the tale. Grand Champ is the shit and thats why Im back. Come on in and check us out. D

Commment 26: Check us out that is... Dennis Powell check my credentials bitches better yet just come check me out...

Commment 27: That Andy guy is a Bitch!!!

Commment 28: Whats up then 27 come see if Im a bitch and get knocked out

Commment 29: Is there a website for Grand Champ....I used to hear that it was the place in Charleston to train....havent heard much about it recently but wanted to check it out if its still opened.

Commment 30: Penis

Commment 31: i would really like to come take some classes and see if this is the place for me. can anyone tell me the prices?

Commment 32: 90/month for full use of the gym
60/month for one class

Commment 33: just looked at all the comments all the negative remarks are what what drags the sport down . 19 you dont own this city my friend but at least you got heart . I never won a fight with my mouth so let the losers keep mouthing off losing .

Commment 34: all u winey bitches put up or shut up.

Commment 35: More Penis

Commment 36: grand champ is for crack smoking hill billies.PANCREATIC ZEBRA fighting systems WHAT!!! PROFeSoR CHICHIMARIACHAMO ONTHE MAP . WHAT YALL GONE DO TO A ZEBRA?

Commment 37: Hello kirk
this is keya how are you ?

Commment 38: hey grand chump thats what you are.all your
coachesinculding those to hillbilles reckneck
cock suckers.bunch of skin heads fucks. kemp
williams.youall need to close the joint down guys are never going to make a real i hope your building burns in hell
thanks. kemp

Commment 39: from tbone.hey dennis? i heard your brother is
a redneck nigger hanging retard. i have a
message for him.ready white power/ white trash

Commment 40: Aujourdhui les concepteurs savent que les


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sac a main lancel

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Commment 41: kemp and tbone must suck each other off at churches chicken fuckin punks

Commment 42: I beat the fuck out of the owner and all of the instructors. they werent shit. I shit on this school

Commment 43: I tried to come by and even went durig their so called hours and every single time no one was there This is at least or times They are truly unprofessional or are simply not in business I dont affiliate with any gyms Just a previously trained muay thai fan They are not a real gym

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