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Information About Cheon's Family Taekwondo Academy Inc.

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Cheon's Family Taekwondo Academy Inc.

7217 Boulder Ave Ste B3



Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1: BEWARE!!!
Do not sign a contract with Cheon for karate services. Whether he calls it blackbelt club or anything else. It is a contract even if he doesnt indicate it. You will be locked in for 3 years. If you move he will ask for proof which he may or may not accept. Of course he suddenly fails to understand english when you need to discuss this with him. He has no problem taking your money after youve stopped coming. He preaches respect and honor in his class. But he doesnt practice honor at all. Resist the temptation to save a few dollars. DONT SIGN HIS CONTRACT!!! Very dissatisfied!!

Commment 2: Master Cheon was very clear to me when he explained the only reasons for cancelling my contract for my grandsons TKD lessons. I am very satisfied with the way in which he teaches martial arts at his school and unless I move away from the area or God forbid something happens to my grandson I have no intention of cancelling my contract. But if I did need to I have no doubt that Master Cheon would honor my wishes. If my grandson should decide to no longer take TKD classes I totally understand that to not be a reason for cancelling my contract with Cheons Family TKD Academy.

Commment 3: Not a good place to take your kids to learn Tae Kwon Do. He is the only adult instructor and uses 10 and 12 year old kids to teach his sudents. Virtually no dicipline there and the larger kids hurt the smaller kids when Master Cheon is not watching and they never get admonished when he is told about it. I have taught martial arts in the past and never saw a dojang ran this way. Look around there are far better places for your kids to learn martial arts.

Commment 4: I agree with the first poster. He says he will refund your money but doesnt. Beware.

Commment 5: I posted the third comment. My name is Mike Cook and I posted that while angry and should not have said what I said. Master Cheon is a great instructor and an honorable man. Dont believe the people who say he will not refund your money. He refunded mine right away. He has some good instructors there. My grandson has severe ADHD and Master Cheon did his best to help him while he was a student there. If you have any questions about Master Cheons school please call me. I will be happy to help. My number is 9099071907.

Commment 6: I have personal 1ST HAND KNOWLEDGE of how this school is ran. If you have the money your child will promote quickly.

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