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Information About Oishi Judo Club

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Oishi Judo Club

547 Greenwich St

NEW YORK, NY 10013


Martial Arts: Judo

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Commment 1: First off let me say I enjoy reading your stuff when I can I live in the New Orleans area and wish I had gotetn a chance to train with you Now when it comes to the subject of this particular article I know im late commenting on it I disagree with a couple of thingsAs far as self defense on the ground BJJ is probably the best form around but it does not have all the answers All the technique in the world is not going to get you away from a man who has you outweighed by to lbs especially if you are drunk sick or caught completely off guard We dont all have the time or money to learn bjj or any form of self defense for that matter but we can all practice being aware of who may be creeping up behind us Tips and Tricks can be useful as it is better to have a little knowledge than none at all It would be nice to be able to practice self defense to days a week for the rest of out lives but it isnt realistic The reality is most of us work at jobs that dont require us to be self defense experts so the intrest just isnt thereI for one would definately buy your book I am a firm believer in self defense and the more knowledge a person can absorb the better off they will be But a specific style system or philosophy is not going to save anyone Life is just too unpredictable

Commment 2: lol he sounds like a totala hrefhttpccrbzbiglycom atmaeura in BJJ Because thats what more immature people do when they start a MA they think their the bess knees so to speak Well if you want real advice then just dont let him take you to the ground Try to stay on your feet keep him at a distance Keep it standing up go to youtube and type in take down defense you should find some useful things there Oh and now for my proper advice Dont fight him unless he initiates a punch on you then i would retaliate But if hes just a loser trying to scare you with his BJJ i wouldnt be too worried because i do BJJ and i know for a fact that anything less than a year of BJJ wont help you too much in a fight

Commment 3: callsignfuzzyMay Eh not really When it comes down to it theres an awful lot of crossover in tiucneqhes from one martial art to the other Essentially people just learn different flavors of the same skills striking takedowns and ground grapplingWhile I agree that one must have the fundamentals of these three skill sets in order to be a complete fighter the specialized systems are pretty much a more indepth study of what their particular skills are For example Thai boxing includes largely the same punches of boxing but boxers generally have better punches Why Its the nuances of the skills Same thing with Judo and throws Even though those same throws exist in other systems Judo has just taken them to a different level If I wanted to get better at throws Id rather train with a top Judo instructor than an MMA guy who knows some throwsAnd at any rate youre still missing some linking components For example do you use a stance from karate boxing Muay Thai or wrestling Also none of those systems really does effective groundandpound thats pretty much a pure MMA invention So simply mixing them doesnt work you need a true blend In order to do that you need to study the systems individually and with a degree of depth and understand their rationale for why they fight then decide or experiment to see if that rationale fits your needs httpnirtzfnjcom urlhttpbazsplyzcombazsplyzurl linkhttpvxaixpuwylcomvxaixpuwyllink

Commment 4: If youre looking to buy these a hrefhttphsgpqmxqcomarltciesa make it way easier

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