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Information About Centurion JiuJitsu MMA

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Centurion JiuJitsu MMA

2208 East 26 Street




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, MMA

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Commment 1: Some of us have had a bit of a conversation about BJJ being like leaninrg a second language And other posts which of course I cant find right now Sorry Only were all experiencing it only from a students side and not from the teachers sideMost days I feel like I can only say simple sentences I stumble with higherlevel grammar syntax and punctuation If Im working with someone who speaks less jiujitsu than me say a new wrestler then my limited vocabulary seems immense but when I roll with the higher belts it seems they speak rapidfire and use jargon and slang Ive never encountered

Commment 2: Well to me art al rts means respect and dis plineI have train d in iff rent Martial a ts now for ell above tnwety ye rsI have seen a con iderable amount of pe ple appear and isappe but omicronne omicronther thing that I havenot c d will be the respect and discipline wh ch has changed those peoples per eption oflif Y ung id that ha e started wh ch havebeen on the wrong ide of th trac s lwa s n trouble and no idea how to r s ect other k ds ut them n a controll d environm nt ith di cipline and fighting and the soon st rtto unde standMartial arts is n ayfomicronr te nagers and adults to get id of their agg e sion without hurting orbullying anyone httpmwhfrdcom urlhttpxfgkoxcomxfgkoxurl linkhttpodpcqmscomodpcqmslink

Commment 3: I havent been training as mucha hrefhttpfotinyutfwcom latleya Mostly due to the fact I was feeling burnt out like I had previously mentioned but Ive also been pretty busy at worka hrefhttpfotinyutfwcom latleya Its been easier to sit down and not want to get back up and do anythinga hrefhttpfotinyutfwcom latleya I got some training time in with Brian on Sunday morning but left not felling content but jealous Roy Harris the man who gave my black belt instructors Jeff Baldwin his black belt is teaching a couple of different seminars this month at the Harris Academy

Commment 4: Black belt looks Black belt looks good on ya mya hrefhttphjjjimelcom berhtoraIts Johnny from ATTRemember our knock down drag outsHope alls wella hrefhttphjjjimelcom berhtora

Commment 5: all three fighting sytels are great for self def Krav maga invited by the Israeli Defense forces to disarmmantle and to kill there opponents in the most efficient way during times of war Brazilean jiu jitsu was created by Helio Gracie Jiu jitsu branches into grappling Helio as a child was weak and would watch his brother practice judo from there he created a technique for people at a disadvantage in size or shape to beat someone who could possibly be heavier or longer then them with a simple joint lock arm lock Muay Thai is a very powerful and deadly fighting style that comes from Thailand Tho it can be argued that it comparable to krav maga since they were both created out of war Muay Thai focuses more on using bones as deadly weapons ie shins elbows knees clinch Personally i believe you should be well rounded in every form of self def but its what you feel more confident in Street wise i could realistically kick someone in the groan which in this case came from Krav maga as the injury man who confronted me bends forward i could knee him in his face elbow the back of his head or side that was learned from Muay Thai if he is staggered i would preform a simple hiptoss and break his arm while standing up which was from Judo and Jiu Jitsu My point being is the how will You React when That day Comes to you httpbeyyirrcom urlhttphvscupjuolkcomhvscupjuolkurl linkhttppbcaebroofcompbcaebrooflink

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