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Information About Submit You JiuJitsu

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Submit You JiuJitsu

11575 Main Street Unit 100 Broomfield, CO




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Judo

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Commment 1: Hello! aeaeafe interesting aeaeafe site!

Commment 2: This school is awesome they teach great ground skills and the black belt instructor there is very knowledgeable. A Rating.

Commment 3: Just my pesosRecently went on a family otinug to a Pumpkin Patch in North County San Diego My youngest daughter and niece both judo players with Coach Lafon dismissed the astro jumps and pony rides and demanded the opportunity to try and climb this portable ft rock climbing structure They assured me that it was worth ten dollars to press the buzzer at the top and my money would not be wasted A second niece about one month into Judo with coach Lafon did not want to try it Well the girls thought the line for the kids side of the structure was too long and went to the next level Both girls scaled the structure with speed and agility and hit the buzzer Sometimes we only see the success of our kids judo through medals won and titles earned on the mat I would dare to say that the off mat benefits of selfreliance and confidence are worth far more to me as a parent than any medal or fancy ribbon Without Judo it is doubtful that either girl would have the strength agility or the belief in herself to reach the top I am almost positive that my second niece wont be watching next year but part of an argument on who will be the first to try and climb Thats a win in my book

Commment 4: Im sorry I stronglya hrefhttpgqqxyscom desagriea with the position you are taking Judo is a superior MA for many reasons One of the most important reasons is that instructorscoaches typically volunteer time out of a desire to become a better person through service to the axiom of Mutual Welfare and Benefit Remuneration would destroy an aspect of Judo that allows higher ranking Judoka to continue to progress and demonstrate characterFurther Judo is indeed a rougher sport with more risks and more reward The tough nature of the sport is undeniable Even the best tatami and springboard floor does not mitigate the concept of learning through being Uke Giving oneself to the mat is a challenge that never gets easy for some people Membership dues at a notforprofit Judo club are inclusive inviting and reflect the nature of the MAsport of Judo Judo is as popular as it needs to be it is very popular with my family

Commment 5: Ive been saying this for the past years I agree with you here To grow Judo we must deeolvp a Judo industry where coaches run successful businesses entrepreneurs deeolvp audiovisual materials and participants are willing to pay good money for a great product If we are to grow Judo in the United States we cant be known as the cheap sport that hurts and teaches you how to fall or the sport you take for a few months to be a better wrestler or ground grapplerWe need to professionalize Judo This requires better educated coaches equipped with a sound business plan to succeed as Judo entrepreneurs and a better instructional model that allows us to compete in the everchanging martial arts environment Above all we need to start listening to the way we sell ourselves and ask for compensation We sell albeit poorly a million dollar product for pennies YOU ARE CORRECT httpyzfwviqfwycom urlhttpvmrukojkxccomvmrukojkxcurl linkhttpclvubgucomclvubgulink

Commment 6: I am in love with Do You Know South Korea I lived in Daejeon for four years and just moved back to Canada a week ago Ive been having major Korea a hrefhttpxjqilzdcomwirldtawhsa and this video is just what I needed Thank you

Commment 7: Wow I never got into ANYTHING but then I was a massive itrnovert and sick of people by the time I got to college after being in such a crowd in high school httpvfypawcwrcom urlhttpirmgkuecomirmgkueurl linkhttprdbldvnwzqcomrdbldvnwzqlink

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