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Information About Mengs Martial Arts of Katy

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Mengs Martial Arts of Katy

1718 Fry Rd 225




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Judo, Shaolin

We teach all martial arts skills setskicking, striking,takedowns and submissions. We also offer after Black Belt Wing Chun Kung fu for improved efficiency. We have produces several Cage and San Shou full contact fighters.

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Commment 1: I started practicing Martial Arts when I was in Scotland where practicing Martial Arts is not common The system in which I trained was called SooYang Do a relatively new Koreanbased system founded in Scotland Only when I moved to Katy and joined Mengs Martial Arts did I realize how many things the other system lacks due to the extremely indepth teachings of the instructors at Mengs Although at first I was interested in more acrobatic styles and looked at other schools I fell in love with how and what I learned at Mengs on my first day Within the first two months after joining I had been exposed to and had learned more than I had during the two years of training SooYang Do I was blown away by how many small details there are in every technique One of the most important characteristics of Mengs is that it is not confined to one style like Taekwondo or Judo or any other Martial Art that specializes in certain techniques The instructors teach the concepts and patterns of techniques which can then be applied to any Martial Art style or system Its truly fantasticNo matter if one decides to start training Martial Arts to learn to defend oneself in real life compete in tournaments and competitions or simply to increase ones fitness and health Mengs Martial Arts of Katy offers it all I recommend Mengs to everyone

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