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Information About Kang Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido

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Kang Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido

226 Sound Beach Ave



Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Hapkido

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Commment 1: Kangs is a great dojang I am so glad that we found this shocol for my son Master Kang and his staff are a wonderful group of caring people Not only do they teach the art of Taekwondo They also teach discipline selfcontrol humility kindness strength courage and the list goes on My son has been studying TKD for over years and we are new to this shocol of only months They took into consideration the skills he was already developing and placed him at a level where he could build on those skills Thank you for taking the time and welcoming him to your dojang He loves coming to class days a week and he has learned so much and we are confident he will continue to become a well rounded young man with the help of Master Kang and his staff

Commment 2: thank you sirhere is my number its great if hea hrefhttphevvsacom tehacesa melike some stories about some lucky guys get to know some masters and learn for them and then become an experthowever if he doesnt have dojang then its kind of hardi want to learn and take belt tests tooi wonder where hea hrefhttphevvsacom tehacesa tkdhe is a tkd instructor anywayits unfortunate that there are too many wtf dojangs around but there isnt any itf dojangeven a wtf master told me that there aint any itf dojang in korea

Commment 3: Love this story As someone who began trinaing in martial arts in her s after watching her sons classes I can really relate to the joy and bonding in achieving our Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan goals together as rd Dans with my daughter who is now a nd Dan in our art Cant wait for the rest of your story SOO BAHK httppergommjohkcom urlhttpmiowclzccommiowclzcurl linkhttpployqgomhbzcomployqgomhbzlink

Commment 4: Mr Bill Kelly is an excellenta hrefhttpzpivtnwgxcom itctrusnora I have know him for years and worked with him at a different TKD location I am glad Sensi Kelly had moved on and opened his own location You cant go wrong with Bill Kellys instruction in TKD as well as his ability to teach train and mold students in discipline morality and behavior

Commment 5: Ugh My dd is turning on and I am bngineing to seriously despise the jogging stroller I am not a single mom so there is an option for me to go out and run late at night alonewhich I will probably do when it warms up just a tad but I feel your pain I hate jogging strollers but I hate gym memberships more and I REALLY REALLY hate treadmills I only do about miles a day anyway so she can stand it that long I just hate pushing it httpxlhitnpegycom urlhttprprvcjxebdecomrprvcjxebdeurl linkhttplamxecncomlamxecnlink

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