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Information About Valhalla Combat Club

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Valhalla Combat Club

105456 5th Ave SE



Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

Valhalla Combat Club is the 1 tested and proven MMA gym in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor. With multiple fighters going on to attain local, regional and national success. There is no better place with a proven competitive track record of victory in this area. No bogus claims. No false promises. Just hard, intensive and focused training for the serious athlete and competitor. If your looking to break boards and buy belts, this is not the place. If your looking to learn to protect yourself or fight competitively, this is the place for you.

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Commment 1: Hi Demian! Hope you are doing well. I got married August 1st. Finally moved on but I still think about you some.

Commment 2: Its a great gym all around. Great people and training alike. There well rounded with intense striking and grappling workouts and sparring sessions. So if you want to attend just to look cool dont bc it no joke. Theyve taught me a great deal of techniques that i never knew. I fell that every day I attend that I learn something else and improve my all around mma game. I cant wait till im able to get to the gym alot more and start to compete gain.

Commment 3: I train at this gym and its a good place to learn about mma weather competeing or just trying to get in shape its a good place with good sparring partners and respectful well rounded team with lots of good fighters its definatly among one of the top gyms in the state of iowa

Commment 4: among the top gyms in iowa for sure

Commment 5: Could someone list the correct address?

Commment 6: Yes I Do. Its The best School You Will Ever Train At!!!

Commment 7: Does this place even exist? Their not in the phone book and thats obviously a false address..

Commment 8: its 1054 AND 1056 5th ave SE. not a false address. All are welcome.

Commment 9: hey im 16 and i have been doing bjj for a year and a half but i want to work striking also i weigh 145 and my last gym closed is there an age limit? bc i am very interested

Commment 10: best school around great people and very knowledgable

Commment 11: If you want to come to the have the address!!!

Commment 12: nope i was looking for a fee? what is it per month to train in this club? i havent seriously been involved in mma but i was a talented wrestler and my and i work on our ground game all the time. i want to get serious!!!

Commment 13: how much would it cost to take muay thai?

Commment 14: I was/am looking at starting to train here. I dont want to misinform anyone but I am pretty sure he told me like 35/mo and hours are like 4pm8pm I want to say.

If nothing else I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong. Looking forward to starting my training!

Commment 15: Hey thanks to whoever left me that address. I didnt realize that lol. Cant wait to join now

Commment 16: Do the owners of this place/site ever check these messages?

Commment 17: i havent been checking this sight often if your looking to contact us call 3197216911 ask for Demian.

Commment 18: its 25 to sign up and then 30 a month. if you sign up on the 1st of a month it would be 55 and then 30 a month from then on. The sign up fee is for the time we spend on a new guy who never comes back... thats 25 min of my life im never getting back. as stated above our club is for people who are serious whether interested in competition or not. definiatly not for everyone and our turnover rate confirms this. That being said ALL ARE WELCOME i just wanted to be sure im clear. we couldnt care less how good you are we just want people who will work hard.

Commment 19: D...its T comment 17...Just wanted to let you know the word comment only has 2 ms in it.

Commment 20: if your looking for a true test in training we have excellent coaches including keoni kochdevon christiansonken mccleland and team harddive founder dave sherzer also eric koch if you like to get kicked in the head!!!! just kidding come on over and have some real harddrive fun were movin up

Commment 21: Fuck you in our world comment has 3 ! Ms in it...

Commment 22: D? Was that you in message 21?

Commment 23: I was wondering if I could get an email address for the guys there? Im the Muay Thai coach at Iowa Citys ICOR gym and I need an address so I can reach you guys when we start promoting pro/am shows. You can reach me at Thanks Chris Weitz

Commment 24: Best place to train in the midwest hands down. Intelligent respectful people willing to teach those who actually want to earn it.

Commment 25: Use to train with hard drive when they were out at the national guard armory. Very intense very professional takes team effort to a whole new level. Wish I was 10yrs younger and could still hang with them.

Commment 26: Im not sure how recent any of these comments are. A friend of mine Seth Thorpe was telling me about a great legitimate place to train. Im thinking this is it if anyone knows him comment back please. Thanks.

Commment 27: Hi I currently train at carlson Gracie team in aurora il. Im moving to cedar rapids and Im looking for a team to train with. This gym looks awesome exactly what Im looking for just one question. Who are your coachs? Or head coach? Right now my main coach is Jeff Neil and he wanted me to find this out. If anyone can answer this for me I would really appreciate it!

Commment 28: Seth Thorpe is at Southeast side boxing. 1507 1st ave SE cedar rapids

Commment 29: What gear do I need to start? I already have 4oz gloves a cup and mouth guard.

Commment 30: Hi Demian. You are a slut!

Commment 31: What are the club hours?

Commment 32: i would just like to know the hours. This way i can come check it out.

Commment 33: i would like to start training here..what do i need to do to get started? should i just show up asking questions or should i call or what?

Commment 34: Are you guys still open and Do you guys have females who train there?

Commment 35: hi guys.i practice muay thai for 10 yearsand i make some fights.and soon i will move to cedar rapids.i searched on internet about some muay thai team in cedar rapids but all i found is mma team.can somebody tell me about muay thai professionnal team in cedar rapids?
thank you guys

Commment 36: hey do you guys train girls in mma? like self defense? i would be interested in that.. i feel like a girl would be overruled by all the guys at an mma combat gym.. /

Commment 37: Who should I email if I would like more information?

Commment 38: Can girls do it

Commment 39: PreRegistration is now Open for the Midwest Submission Challenge in Cedar Rapids May th The Midwest Submission Challenge is a Submission Only jiujitsu tournament for competitors of all ages and experience and open to all styles and teams This is a Gi and NoGi event PreRegistration for our event is only For more information head to wwwmidwestsubmissionchallengecom and also like us on facebook at wwwfacebookcommidwestsubmissionchallenge

Commment 40: i do not train at this school im years old just about ready to graduate Army AIT and i really wanna get into the mma scene who can i contact i get home on december th then moving to cedar rapids shortly after i get home if i could get someone that i could get ahold of that would be great thank you

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