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Information About Triple Threat MMA

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Triple Threat MMA

217 High Street




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Karate

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Commment 1: this school is awesome. great teachers great rolling partners

Commment 2: pacman pizzi is the best instructor ive ever had a pleasure to learn from.

Commment 3: must be your first ever instructor pizzi has never trained under anybody. checkout GR pizzi is a lame.

Commment 4: this has to be the smallest school ever just did a practice there never again. Dirty dirty dirty. The instructors are all am fighters with no black belts or cage experience. Horrible!!!!!

Commment 5: comment 3 and 4 must be stoned or fat out of shape has beens.

Commment 6: or comments 3 and 4 train at a better school and if you think they are stoned or fat and out of shape 3 told you he or she trains...GR thats griffon rawl if Im not mistaken.

Commment 7: get a life duane. ur lame and a loser

Commment 8: THis is school and the instructors may be AM but they act like pros the US Army has worked in the past with them...Class act all the way..

Commment 9: Thanks guys I just about lost it loikong for this

Commment 10: Hi Tom The cover landscape is Morrants Curve alebit a foreshortened version The mountains in the background are Saddle Mt and Mount Fairview the locomotive in the image is styled after one used in on the Big Hill from Graeme Poles book on the subject The concept is based on the CPR promotional posters of the day though darkened to reflect the murdermystery genre Thanks for your feedback its appreciated httpeztdnzqchcom urlhttptbjocjqcomtbjocjqurl linkhttpfibhlheeogcomfibhlheeoglink

Commment 11: I like the aesthetica hrefhttpfpvyiwpgbbcom copnecta of the cover but not its execution Clearly the artist didnt research the Laggan landscape nor the CPR locomotives of that time indeed of Canadaas a railfan Im put off by the European styling used out of context If the foremost image isnt accurate what might browsers think of the content

Commment 12: must miss like a movie starring Kevin James and Kevin Hart Let me guess they start offa hrefhttpstoplpfcom haitnga eachother a few crappy racerelated jokes and and a shared affinity for bar whores later and theyre the best of buds and hijinx ensues

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