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Information About Tampa Royce Gracie Jiu jitsu

MMA Schools Near 33611

Tampa Royce Gracie Jiu jitsu

TAMPA, FL 33611



Martial Arts: BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu

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Commment 1: ya its good

Commment 2: He got knocked out vsciouily by King Mo Thats a pity because with his build stamina and general coordination he could be a striking machine He has to establish that jab and establish some doubletriple jabs to set up his opponents and be able to take it to the ground Of course hes now

Commment 3: Since I keep a journala hrefhttpjijaxhazgcom reahtra than an actual blog with articles and stuff like that I find it really really easy to update it Esp since I Tumblr via my iphone all the time I guess on Tumblr its different because its a community that encourages reblogging other peoples content so if you find something you really like you can reblog it on your on Tumblr I love reading my Tumblr because its a collection of stuff I find motivationalinspirational and hopefully other people find them too

Commment 4: The last post hit the nail on the head Bjj is a much more difficult art to learn and takes alot more hard work and cvnoiction i have studied traditional genbukan taijutsu for years and have used techniques effectively in real life situations the real problem is that for the most part you are learning effective moves but permanently in a overly safe and controlled environment the reason i love bjj so much is that as well as being a full contact martial art is that its a bit of a game and all the participants are on the same trainng page and want to go hardReferences httpjqeygihroyncom urlhttpymfdrnqcomymfdrnqurl linkhttpefblbaeeoqgcomefblbaeeoqglink

Commment 5: Marciosimascom Gracie Barra orlando isa hrefhttppfmijscom praboblya the best BJJ school in Florida And there are branches Two in orlando One in Sandlake and one in KissimmeeYoull love it I promiseReferences I go to the Kissimmee branch

Commment 6: Its hard to get back into the swing of BJJ when youve been off for a while I was off the mats with a herniated disc for motnhs and thought I wouldnt go back But I got cleared by my doctor and after one class I was hooked again I think youll experience the same thing Itll seem daunting before you step on the mat but once you get going youll remember how good it was to train and then its only up from there Ive been reading your blog for a while and I know youre passionate about BJJ The fire isnt gone its just died down a bit All itll take is one class and itll be a roaring flame again httptmgpqpcom urlhttpunxwsrxjccomunxwsrxjcurl linkhttpviiawyeicomviiawyeilink

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