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Information About The Dojo Mixed Martial Arts

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The Dojo Mixed Martial Arts

545 Route 73 North




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Karate

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Commment 1: clemmens you are not a brown belt stop telling people you are.

Commment 2: clemmens is a white belt!

Commment 3: My kids trained under Dave Clemmens for about a yearhe was the best teacher the Dojo has had in a long time.I Trained with him at Balance Studios 9 years ago in Maple Shade and he was a 4th degree blue then?

Commment 4: He was a John Hassett guy for yearsHassetts guys are always the best guys on the planet.

Commment 5: I get the crap beat out of me by the guy and I think hes like in his late 30s then I come to find out the guys like 51 years old WTF older then my dad! Yeah white belt?

Commment 6: I trained with him at old maxersize in Phila back in 99 of course he may have been a white belt then. Before that most of the BJJ guys trained with Steve Maxwell or Joe Diamond with a few guys at Joe Prioles in maple shadeRicardo was in willingboro too and that was it!

Commment 7: I trained with him at Brachs in Voorhees a few years back and he filled in once and a whilehis style seemed to be geared for fighting and ken had a slower paced but strong styleit was a good combination for me.

Commment 8: Yeah hes a white belt . . . thats why he keeps winning tournaments over and over. Nice guy. Great jiu jitsu. Highly recommended.

Commment 9: He was the only legit trainer that place ever had

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