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Information About Pilsung Taekwondo Academy

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Pilsung Taekwondo Academy

110 E Main St



Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1: Hi Thanks for checking out my blog and for the good rveeiw Your blog is greatI want to be a writer meaning a published author not just a blogger and I was wondering if you have any tips for me Just if you have timeThanksKaynan

Commment 2: Many apologies in a hrefhttplhysfggfvcomadcnavea for being long winded but I have a keen interest in this subjectYou know the point of martial arts is not solely about learning to defend yourselfPerhaps but it should be primarily about defense All the other benefits are tangential If you cannot defend yourself using what you have learned then it is dishonest to call it self defense or martial arts It is more like an exotic type of aerobics combined with fantasy role playing Unfortunately the primary goal of many martial arts schools is making money not making fightersThere are health benefits that come alongside the trainingOf course And there are health benefits in riding your bicycle to the park but that doesnt mean you are ready for the Tour de FranceSo why not take advantage of something the serves dual purposes and offers so many benefitsI agree This was never in dispute I never tried to dissuade the good doctor from training My biggest complaint about much martial arts training is that so much of it is ineffective for self defense purposes and really is primarily about health and self esteem which is fine and good but should not be confused with proficiency in fighting There are plenty of healthy women and men with tons of self esteem that still cant fight their way out of a wet paper bagThe health benefits are a positive byproduct of the training but it is not the whole point of the training at least not for me For many others it is their primary goal More power to them I just cant take those people seriously when the subject of actual fighting comes up Regardless Krav Magas claim to fame is that it is specifically self defense orientedI know little about Krav Maga other than what I have seen on videos I was interested in it because it seems as though they do indeed have defense foremost in mind and attempt to address the subject of modern weapons and improvised weapons which is a good approach However some of the techniques I saw demonstrated were far fetched specifically certain firearms disarmsMost martial arts do a very poor job of teaching knife or firearms disarms because the people teaching these techniques often have little or no experience with real weapons firearms in particular Combine that with their penchant for static training drills with compliant opponents and you have a recipe for disaster There are no health advantages to learning something that is going to get you shot or stabbed full of holesAs far as I can tell Krav Maga appears to be a blanket term for multiple styles of hybrid combatives originating in Israel Its difficult to critique because there appears to be more than one version of the program I tend to be skeptical of the latest fad and the martial arts world is full of fads and charlatans There is a lot of reinventing the wheel People have been shooting stabbing andor beating the snot out of each other for thousands of years and suddenly someone has come up with a new way I tend to doubt it but I am willing to take a lookKrav Maga claims real world applicability so health benefits aside I have tried to evaluate those claims So far I am unimpressed with what I have seen This is not to say that it is worthless nor is it a slam on anyone personally Dr Helens interest in self defense is a positive thing Many women dont bother to take responsibility for their own safety in this context and I think that is a mistake not just for themselves but society as a whole Perhaps what I have seen is not truly representative of the Krav Maga system but I cant look at extravagant claims without a substantial amount of skepticism I would hope that anyone investing time and money in training would be the same wayDr Helen I enjoy your blog and I wish you well with your training I hope that my comments are taken in the spirit with which they were intended and not as a personal attack of any kindRegardsWT

Commment 3: Id also like to hear more of the technical asctpes of making your pictures DO you shoot RAW if so what is your workflow like and how much post processing are you able to do and still submit and make your deadlines Or do you shoot jpeg and make sure to get the images correct in camera Thanks httpvfwbvhcom urlhttpfawiyhmdcomfawiyhmdurl linkhttpynwitnhjhbcomynwitnhjhblink

Commment 4: You know there are year old ladies that geta hrefhttpmqobiimcom mgugeda and somehow manage to get the better of the muggersThose examples make the news precisely because of how rare they are There are far more year old ladies that have been thoroughly brutalizedNot every streetwise mugger is a trained killerBut quite a few of them are They are certainly more common than septuagenarian ninja grandmothers You are better off if you treat all attackers as if they were dangerous Why would you want to assume your attacker is incompetent and timidWhen they come across somebody who doesnt show fear and can make their lives difficult they might decide to run off and find an easier target before they get hurt themselvesMany are scared high andor not thinking and are easily startled or intimidated if their target does not play out the script they have in their headMaybe Hopefully If every attacker was as incompetent and timid as these examples one would hardly need to train at all If you are at the point of having to use physical force to defend yourself your bluff has already been called They picked you because they are reasonably sure they can handle you ie they are some combination of bigger stronger more numerous or have weapons They often have the advantage of surprise They prefer to stack the odds in their favorIn most cases relying on unarmed fighting to defend against violent criminal attack really should be a desperate measure of last resort not a primary plan of selfdefense Again some training is probably better than none at all but being honest with yourself and truly understanding your capabilities and limitations is paramount Take careWT

Commment 5: There is one itty bitty problem with any form of handtohand selfdefense If you are using it it means that the bad guy is close egnouh to hurt you And he wont be playing by any rules either Theres a kind of romantic attraction to the martial arts which causes many people to become involved essentially as a hobby Thats dangerous if they expect it to protect them in a lifethreatening situation There are positives for becoming involved but for most people it isnt selfdefense The most important lesson but one which doesnt maintain the schools and feed the instructors is Always think defensively and be willing to go to extremes to avoid dangerous situations Paranoia is your friend The second is If a dangerous situation is brewing run away immediately and by any means available The third and final rule is If its too late to avoid an imminent threat to you or your loved ones get out the gun and be willing and able to use it There are no other rules httpjyfxfytqwiscom urlhttpjrmcnfxcomjrmcnfxurl linkhttpvnartmfyjhcomvnartmfyjhlink

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