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Information About Pope's Rick Taekwondo Plus Inc

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Pope's Rick Taekwondo Plus Inc

55 Mouse Creek Rd Nw



Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1: This organization is not even a true recognized TaeKwonDo body. They do not teach TaeKwonDo and the Black Belts are not KukkiWon Certified from Korea... They do not understand the true quality or training for black belts. It is shame that Tiger Rock schools have such a low standard for teaching....and training...
Become a true black belt people and get true respect... Go to an officially sanctioned school. Find an accomplished Master NOT A BELT FACTORY.... TIGER ROCK TAEKWONDO IS NOT AN OFFICIAL TAEKWONDO SCHOOL.. They are owned by business Men stealing your money....

Commment 2: Rick Popes Sons will appear in court for manslaughter charges on December 10th 2010 in connection with the Drug overdose death of Jarret Nash recently in Cleveland Tennessee. They are instructors at Popes TaeKwonDo and work with a lot of Children... This is not what TaeKwonDo represents and they claim to be black belts...Concerned citizens of Cleveland plead for Popes members to be very critical and to be concerned of other past allegations and illegal drug activity with Mark and Chris Pope..News do to exposure of local private investigators... POOPS TAEKWONDO HAS BEEN DEEMEDNOT SAFE FOR YOU OR ANY CHILDREN... CLEVELAND.... CLOSE RICK POPES TAEWONDO DOWN. DO NOT SUPPORT... They are not who they claim to be... BE AWARE!!!

Commment 3: Thank you Dave Bateman and Expert Karate Dave Batemans TKD for casting the first stone. You are a selfrighteous piece of shit. The reason I know its you is you have said it before word for word to me. If you want to accuse some of something at least have the balls to leave your name. John Doe

Commment 4: Dave Bateman is another kwon do nut! lol

Commment 5: Master Dave was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota... He is the MOST intense Martial Arts Coach Around... He is new to Cleveland Teaching OFFICIAL TAEKWONDO and HapKiDo In Line with The International Olympic Committee THE BEST ARE USED TO GETTING SLAMMED Master Dave is an Outstanding Father and raises his Daughter and works very hard in ministry and by no means is he self righteous... Rather HE IS RADICAL FOR CHRIST... I have seen what he can do.... He is trying to break through for higher standards of Martial Artists in the area... Dont underestimate his ground game. He is certified in several legitimate styles including a Master in Sul Sa Do...THE ELITE with 126 Shoot Fighting WINS Midwest Sport Fighting Federation mid 1980s through mid 1990s

Commment 6: One night I was spying on Master Dave at his gym during class and he was performing a form and it looked like he had illuminating rays of light beaming from his body! Then he punched and bolts of lightening flew from his fingertips! I was like Whoah!!

Commment 7: Master Dave has a hard time getting it up. Would you want to learn from someone who cant even get it up?

Commment 8: ITA USES THE ILLUMINATI PRINCIPLESFREEMASONS check it out for youselfPay attention to ringshandshakespumper stickers and ask the instructor if he is a FreemasonLook him square in the eyes when you do. http//

Commment 9: comment 9 you must be paranoid surely you got more important stuff to do than be paranoid with the masons i know. you can go to a doomsday website where all the other crazies socialize maybe they will care this is suppose to be about martial arts

Commment 10: This is actually the first time I have been to this site. I actually do not remember registering our academy on this site but that is ok. One of our students sent me a copy of another martial arts school here in town and I could not stop laughing at the comments. I then logged on here and decided to see if there was anything on our listing wow and behold there was again I could not stop laughing so hard. I never got upset mad or angry it was all just to funny. You know there are 1000s of Martial Arts schools across the world some are great and some are not I can not tell you anything more than about our Academy here in Cleveland TN. I would suggest if you are looking for any type of Martial Arts Training you should go check them all out and find the one that best suites you for what you are looking for and your personality. I do know that we try to do our best and we really care about our students. I do want to take a moment of your time to tell you about us. We are a Nationally Accredited Organization we are not independant and must follow a printed and structured teaching curiculum. These principles stratagies and methods are all printed in our student manual and instructor manauls. The Orgainization we belong to is Tiger Rock Martial Arts International this is formally the International Taekwondo Alliance and the United States Taekwondo Alliance. The organizations name changed twice. First from USTA because once our organization grew outside the United States to Italy and England we could no longer use the name United States in the Company name and so the ITA name was adopted. The second change was the most recent in the last couple of years to Tiger Rock Martial Arts this change came about because the organization began incorporating other martial arts into our academies such as HanMuDo Grappling Weapons XMA Kisado and of course Taekwondo. Not all the students participate in TKD so TRMAI came about.
I can testify that all the leaders of this organization are true and faithful Christians I myself am a Christian as well I attend the Church At Grace Point on Old Freewill Road and have been a member there for over 7 years. I currently am part of the C4K kids ministry program and I attend every Sunday. You are always welcome to check on my status with anyone at anytime to find out about me. The number to the TRMAI headquarters is 18004895101 . I am a 7th Degree Senior Master and have been teaching and training since 1984. We currently teach 6 days per week at our Academy and Teach 4 days per week At Lee University their fully accredited Taekwondo program. I am also a Blue 4 in the Tiger Rock Grappling System very similar to some types of JiuJitsu wrestling and ground arts. I am also currently certified in Kisado. All our certification must be renewed annually they are not lifetime possitions. You may also call my Church at anytime and talk to the Pastor Phil Griffin he will be glad to talk to you about me and my lifestyle he knows me very well and everything about me the number to the Church is 4237285050 . I have been in business in Cleveland Tn since 1992. I originally had a club here in Paula Duffs School of Dance and moved to Cookes Food Plaza in 1993 due to space. After about 6 years we moved to the corner of 25th and Ocoee Street when the Outdoor Store went out of business to increase our workout space. It was not long that we outgrew that location and moved to Mouse Creek Road next to the Bread Basket across from Jenkins. We were in this location for 6 years and had an opportunity to purchase our own building and that brought us to 185 Mouse Creek Road in the old Charlies Tire Building across from First Tennessee Bank next to the car wash. We have been in this location for 2 years now as of 2011.
Our Academy is part of the Cleveland City and the Bradley County Academic Support Program and work with teachers and principles to help guide children to be better members of our community.
I am married to Theresa Pope and together we have 6 children Mark Chris Tamara Jake Kari and Jeremy. Not all of our children have made the best choices in life but as an adult choices we make are our own. Our three oldest live there own lives and make their own choices. Our youngest three still live at home and participate in Sports such as soccer and wrestling. I am also a Deputy Sheriff and have been involved in Law Enforcement for nearly 7 years now.
We are not a belt factory however you do earn rank which includes a belt. Ranks are earned and many of our students have not passed their exams because it is not always easy. Yes our ranks are Internationally recognized and official we are recognized by the USTU and the kukiwan organization through Dr.He Young Kim and our founders are all inducted in the International Grand Masters Society. Ranks and teaching certificate status can be verified by calling the 800 number. We do have an enrollment fee and give out a free uniform many times during specials throughout the year. We do have a monthly tuition and no longer have contracts we used to have term memberships. We also have testing fees many schools do not and include it in their monthly tuition we also have a plan that includes it in your tuition and you will not have testing fees either. There is equipment you will have to purchase as time goes on such as Sparring Safety Gear Focus Targets Student Manual and plastic rebreakable boards. We are very up front with everything you will ever need and the cost.
Well I think I have rambled on enough
Please give us a call and we would be glad to sit down with you and explain our entire program with every detail. Try a free class and talk to the other parents and students.
We would be glad to have you.
Thank you for your time in reading this long winded comment.
Rick Pope
Popes Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy
185 Mouse Creek Road
Cleveland TN 37312

Commment 11: I was at the KukkiWon WEB SITE AND RICK POPE IS NOT A REGISTERED Black Belt with the Kukkiwon and is NOT recognized by the Kukkiwon.. You must have certification by the Kukkiwon to be recognized.. Rick Pope would like to fool you... Go to the Kukkiwon website and check for yourself...We are all waiting for RICK TO SHOW UP TO OLYMPIC TAEKWONDO MATCHES...yOU CANNOT COMPETE IN OFFICIAL WTF SANCTIONED EVENTS WITHOUT KUKKIWON CERTIFICATION..I REPEAT RICK POPE IS NOT CERTIFIED THROUGH THE WORLD TAEKWONDO HEADQUARTERS AND TIGER ROCK DOES NOT FOLLOW THE KUKKIWON CURRICULUM.

Commment 12: Rick Popes Sons are major trouble makers in Cleveland Tennessee... Not quite a year ago Mark and Chris Pope were facing murder charges for the involvement of Jarrett Nashes overdose death....I worked with Chris at Taco Bell where Chris Pope was recently terminated for dealing Drugs on the Job...Chris drives a Black Pontiac Crossfire and works out at a regular basis as a Black Belt Instructor at Popes Taekwondo... I will never support that school obviously something is not being taught properly there...

Commment 13: What is Kukkiwon Certification?
Kukkiwon is the the World Headquarters for Dan/Poom certification and it is situated in Seoul Korea. A Kukkiwon certificate is widely regarded as the most prestigious of all the Black Belt certificates within the art of taekwondo. The World Taekwondo Federation which is the international governing body for Taekwondo requires that all those who wish to compete at international level be Kukkiwon certified. Those that do not have Kukkiwon certification may also find that they might not be able to qualify in official courses such as International Referee etc.

Who can authorize Kukkiwon certification?
Only a 4th Dan or above who is Kukkiwon certified can apply for the Right to Recommend a Kukkiwon certificate on behalf of those successfully passing the Dan/Poom test. If you require Kukkiwon certification then check with your Master first as you will have to take your test under a certified Kukkiwon Master.

Commment 14: Lee University does not have a fully credited taekwondo program....You MUST have Kukkiwon Certification from the world taekwondo headquarters to be a fully credited program...

Commment 15: Sorry Rick Batemans USA TAEKWONDO is much better I am one of your former black belts...You may have a bigger gym then Master Dave however his teching is much more elite and his school has all the state champions..I seen his students in the paper all the time but never you school... Some things you just cant buy...

Commment 16: Rick Pope is a great man. My family and I have enjoyed being apart of his academy. He can not be judge by the choices his adult children make. We as parents raise our children imparting all we can into them and pray that they make wise decisions.

Commment 17: Wow some people are such tremendous keyboard warriors. Get a LIFE! If you feel the need to trash talk other people harass insult condemn and belittle others....I seriously question your ethics and quality as an instructor or a martial artist. Any one with an ounce of intelligence will see your comments for what they arejealousy. Rick Pope and his family are not perfect....neither is anyone else. However he has worked hard and done a lot of good in the community and for his students. He even lists out references numbers etc. if you would like to call and verify vs. making stupid statements and not even listing your name. Bottom linego check out several martial arts schools you will see the difference for yourself instead of listening to foul mouthed insecure morons on the internet.

Commment 18: You guys just dont get it..... The ITA in General are full of the same problems....ALL Over.... The standards of training are far greater less then Olympic Certified taekwondo in man y ways...

Commment 19: History WTF World Taekwondo Federation Was concieved from the ITF International Taekwondo Federation. General Choi was the FOUNDER of Taekwondo in 1955. There was no such thing as Olypic style Taekwondo until AFTER ITF. WTF is a Korean Government ran organization and IS Olympic Style. Go To youtube and check it out! Sucks! They look like crap they can not punch or use their hands for anything and only use back leg kicks. They are Kukkiwan. Please look up Taekwondo and its history to get the truth. Olympic style taekwondo is a SPORT Not a self defense. Claim as you may however you cannot change history of where and how Taekwondo was formed introduced and practiced. NEVER was Taekwondo intended for a sport however the Korean governement and Won Kuk Lee make it in to one. I may only be 14 years old but even I can research this and see that this Dave Batemen is only trying to make himself look good while discrediting others. What a poor poor business man he must be. BTW I am friends with Chris Pope he DOES NOT DRIVE a Crossfire his mother does. Chris does not even have a drivers license nor does he have a car. Shows you how much they know. lol

Commment 20: I just googled WTF you are correct they did come after. But I noticed that they are the only ones in the Olympics? Why is that well I looked that up to Government. I noticed they were fined and it was removed as an Olympic official sport. There is an article about if it returns that the ITF will be in charge.. now I am about to question Mr. Batemen on this. I have trained with him now for 6 months and never heard any of this. I printed it all out for him to see. I am also curious why? I was under the assumption that I could go to the Olympics as well or at least I was told I could???

Commment 21: Why? Because it was a monopoly. You DO NOT have to be certified in Kukkiwan to be offical. That is obsurb. There are hundreds if not thousands of organizations out there that CERTIFY their black belts and ranks. Just because you are not part of Kukkiwan you are still official. If you really think Olympic Style Taekwondo is the best you need to get a life. JiuJitsu Bondo Real Taekwondo not sport Issinru spelling sorry Shodakhan Tang Su Do and hundreds more would annialate a sport olympic Style Taekwondo Student. You dont belive it?? ok lets just put out the challenge we will all meet at Dave Batemans school and he can put in his best guy/gal or himself to a full contact no holds match shorts shirt and nothing else. Were talking to the knockout to the tap to the I Quit. If he or any of his so called students can hold up we will all bow down to you. However In their defeate it must be posted in the paper quoted by Dave Bateman himself that they are nothing more than a Sport Training Martial Art that does not incorporate any real selfdefense. Are you up for the challenge? Lets see if your mouth is as good as your bite! I will bet Tommy Wales Rick Pope Aikido Guy Caywood would all gladly show up at your door and accept the challenge.. well??? Hey we will all meet at Tommys School at the Mall so the public can watch!

Commment 22: Hey everyone. This is master Dave from Batemans TaeKwonDo. Sounds like the community is making more of a big deal about this kukkiwon thing than our gym and its being pinned on us however it is important to have the world credential. Lets get one thing clear Certification and testing for my gym is conducted by due process of THE UNITED STATES EXPERT KARATE ASSOCIATION. Our schools added Kukkiwon certification in 2001 as per required by the NGB the USAT governing sport TaeKwonDo in America and bylaws state that you must become Kukkiwon certified. We were simply following the rules of respect of sport and many of our masters were against the idea of Kukkiwon certifications however some of us saw the importance. For those that have challenged me and my gym on here my school practices a full range of arts including TaeKwonDo in which we have been fortunate to have trained many National champions but when a student showed me this interesting post on here I felt the need to defend myself as a martial artist and a competitor. I believe all Cleveland martial arts schools have a place in our community and should change their condemnation to unity. The training standards of our gym are very high. Our root is in Hapkido and old style Korean Karate and Sul Sa Do...I am 45 years old and have been training since 1972 in martial arts. First with my grandfather Walt Labeau who taught me Savate French kickboxing teqniques.Then Junior Golden Gloves in Chyrstal Minnesota for 2 years in 1975 and 1976 and our family was close friends of world boxing champion Scott LaDeux and Coach Papa Joe. I have attained a few black belts with a few instuctors Jeff Newman promoted me to a 2nd degree black belt in 1990 after training as a probationary black belt under the Minnesota TaeKwonDo Association since 1972. From 1972 to 1986 I trained with Grand master Kang in Kong Su Do TaeKwonDo and Hapkido in Minniapolis Minnesota throughout my high school and teenage years and was promoted to a junior Poom child black belt when I was 14. In 1992 I trained and was promoted to a 3rd degree black belt with Master Don Hopwood of Minniapolis Minnesota and from 1986 to 1992 I worked very closely with the North Cenral Karate Association as a black belt competitor and referee and Karate International Council of Kickboxing as a competitor. I won my first championship in Twin Ports Karate Championships in 1997 in Deluth Minnesota and the North Central Championship in 1993 in full contact kickboxing in Blaine Minnesota...From 1986 to 1997 I worked closely with the Minnesota Sport Fighters and Shoot Fighters Federation and I participated in many cage fight matches winning 92 by knock out or submission. I never went pro fighter being that I was busy as a multi martial arts school owner in Minnesota. Several of my students were also champions in shoot fighting and my brother Garrett retired undefeated. I still have many of my fights demonstrations testings on video tape. From 1993 to 2002 I trained closely with Grand Master Don Hopwood in TaeKwonDo and Hapkido and he and I opened several martial arts schools in Minnesota during this period and I attained a 6th degree black by him and the Expert Karate Coucil in 2009. Since 1986 the Expert Karate Association has been practicing the essential tequniqes of Karate Judo JuJitsu TaeKwonDo and Aikido which is the current regemine that our gym uses. I am a 2002 United States silver and bronze medalist in the official sport of TaeKwonDo. I have trained for so long I cant imagine posting everything but one of my favorite experinces was competing and training at the United states Olympic Training Center in 1996 in Olympic TaeKwonDo. If you want to know more you would have to come and talk to me in person and pick up a copy of my credentials which is available to the public. As far as the challenge of full contact MMA goesI am definitely not afraid of MMA. If I could erase all the years I competed in MMA I would even though I was good at it. Even though I am 45 years old I have seen the martial arts programs in Cleveland TN and the standards of training and being that I am still a competitor I really do not believe I would be defeated by anyone in this town. Sorry guys...You know where I am and you have to pay me to fight. I have a family to feed but scrimidge?? Maybe... Too many meatheads around.

Commment 23: Master Daves Instructor Don Hopwood was ITF and Jeff Newman was WTF... As a Martial Artist who drives from Chattanooga to train with Master Dave 3 days per week... It took my family several months to find a school like Master Daves and we make the drive every week... I am more into the Combat training and my kids the taekwondo... I am a black belt from atlanta... Atlanta doesnt even have a school that compares to what we have with Batemans... Master daves gym exploded with an increase in membership and we are excited about the new Ooletewah Batemans location opening January first... Master Daves Daughter Competed against ITF TaekwondoTang Soo Do and WTF Taekwondo athletes this year in Austin Texas at the US AAU National Championships.. She won the United States Championship beating all of her apponents by a 7 point lead or higher... Check out all the cool videos at Batemans usa Taekwondo at Facebook...

Commment 24: there are people all over the nation watching and paying attention to what is being stated here.... For truth go here http//

Commment 25: i have to say i did witness master dave fight one time as i have no horse in any martial arts type fighting the man was pretty dang convincing he evidentally knows what he is doing i herd a comment by a spectator that was something like you dont see many instructors back up what they teach evidentally he has a great school and can actually lead the way

Commment 26: By Shim Jaeyun

Eager to shed still lingering legacies of the past the national martial art taekwondo is now focusing on further enhancing fairness and excitement of its matches alongside managerial transparency.

Toward that end the World Taekwondo Federation WTF has been initiating a package of measures featuring the introduction of the instant video replay revising competition rules and introducing a stricter accounting system.

All these and other efforts came with a 2013 IOC evaluation of taekwondo and other Olympic sports regarding their suitability as a continued part of the official program of the 2020 Olympics in mind. The national sport has been desperate to solidify its status as an Olympic sport in the face of challenges from similar martial arts such as karate in particular.

WTF president Choue Chungwon has been raising the standard for all the reformative projects over the past six years since he took office in 2004 to great success.

Fresh from his recent visit to Beijing for the SportAccord Combat Games and Singapore for the inaugural Youth Olympics Choue said taekwondo matches drew popularity with the adoption of the new scoring system an instant video replay system and a reduction of the competition area.

We came with a new system via years of amendment procedures with the goal of making taekwondo more dynamic and exciting which proved to be highly effective during the Youth Olympics Choue told The Korea Times in an exclusive interview at his office.

The SportAccord Combat Games that took place from Aug. 28 to Sept. 4 drew four Olympic sports taekwondo wrestling judo and boxing. Nine nonOlympic sports also staged competitive bouts including wushu karate and sambo which engaged in a fierce behindthescenes competition to be ultimately chosen for the official Olympic program.

Despite the challenges from the three sports Choue seemed confident that taekwondo will outmaneuver them and remain as an official Olympic sport. He cited many international competitions that have adopted taekwondo as official events the 2013 Mediterranean Games the 2017 Summer Universiade and the World Masters Games.

International Olympic Committee IOC President Jacques Rogge together with IOC vice president Ng Ser Miang concurrently president of the Singaporean Olympic Committee and some 50 highranking IOC and NOC members visited the taekwondo venue in Singapore held from Aug. 15 to 19 to applaud the enhanced dynamism and fairness of taekwondo matches he said.

Since Singaporean competitors snatched two bronze medals in the martial art for the first time in Olympic history taekwondo came under spotlight with extensive coverage by the local mass media according to Choue.

Under a revised rule competitors will receive penalties should they try to maintain a point lead by avoiding physical contact. Competitors will be subject to different points according to the techniques applied and the areas attacked two points for a turning kick to the body and three points for a kick to the head.

Comefrombehind victories will be possible to increase spectator appeal with the new scoring system so that players and fans can fully engage in the matches through to the end of the bout.

The reform program features the adoption of an instant video replay system which Choue said has significantly contributed to further enhancing fairness. There was not a single protest about judges calls during the Youth Olympics and the SportAccord.

Impressed by the enhanced fairness some IOC members even expressed hope such a video replay system will be adopted in other international arenas such as World Cup football for instance.

Various cases of misjudgment tainted the 2010 World Cup triggering a dispute over the need for the video replay system to ensure fairness. But FIFA has remained mum on the growing call for reform.

The WTF is also turning its eye to projects seemingly more fundamental and proper to materialize the spirit of all sports toward the promotion of world peace and charity.

As a sound sport taekwondo has traditionally injected the right mentality and discipline into youngsters mainly in less developed countries around the world. Many nations teach taekwondo as regular subject at elementary school. Numerous colleges in many countries like the United States China Turkey Iran and Uzbekistan have adopted taekwondo as a regular subject Choue said.

The International Paralympics Committee IPC plans to host a review committee in December this year to decide whether to include taekwondo in the list of 2016 Paralympics official program as a crucial step for taekwondo ahead of the IOCs planned evaluation of taekwondo for the official 2020 Olympic program. In this context the WTF has already hosted the first and second World ParaTaekwondo Championships in Baku Azerbaijan and St. Petersburg Russia in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

We are laying further emphasis on less privileged people around the world including the physically disabled to give them hope and courage Choue said.

As part of its efforts the WTF with a global membership of 191 countries embarked on the Taekwondo Peace Corps program in 2008 to teach taekwondo to juveniles in countries around the world. So far the WTF has dispatched a total of 317 Taekwondo Peace Corps members to 70 countries on five occasions.

The envisioned completion of Taekwondo Park by the year 2013 in Muju North Jeolla Province will likely immensely help promote the spread of taekwondo throughout the world he said.

He revealed his hope for more global businesses at home and abroad to have more interest in the global sport of taekwondo with regard to further financial support to solidify its status in the official Olympic program. Posted by Beloved Entertainer keeper of the HOUSE

Commment 27: I learned Tae Kwon Do at Rick Popes school and I loved it. I learned alot and had fun. Thats all that matters. Heath

Commment 28: Its easy to figure out if you look at the posts on all of the gyms from Cleveland they all share one thing Cleveland Mixed Martial Arts Academy has someone most likely the original ownerposting negative things about every gym in this town except for his own. Why cant you just let people train where they want to and worry about yourself. If people are happy where they are and with who they train with then what does it matter. Grow up and find something to do besides being a keyboard criticizer.
The structure of the sentences the words used the timing of the posts you think they would cover their tracks a little better.
To everyone that is NOT being critical enjoy your martial arts experience and let the arrogance remain at the mall.

Commment 29: Ty Bramlett and Jordan Defriece you are both fags. That is all.

Commment 30: All I have to say is there is no way Id contribute money to these Murders Meth Heads! Although it may not be Ricks own personal actions that killed Jarret it was his sons. But because of his envolvement in Law Enforcement he has gotten everything covered up. The get away with everything scottfree. Murder NUMEROUS Meth DUI charges... Indictments Court dates just DISAPPEAR. Their name in this town is shattered. Obviously Rick condones his boys actions or he woudnt KEEP covering them up. I would never let any of them around my child. References from your preacher of who you act like at church does not prove anything. They are frauds. Dont contribute money to these drug addicts just so they can pay somebody off to cover up killing someone. Too bad Chris Mark didnt use there training to try and kill Jarret rather than putting drugs in his food drinks because both of them together wouldve never stood a chance in a fight with Jarret. Had to knock him out first. Nor would they stand a chance in hell against any of us that loved Jarret so. I pray that JUSTICE rains down on their heads. Everyone deserves to witness the truth come out see these worthless POSs actually be held accountable for their crimes!

Who was talking about Caywood in a previous post? What Caywood?

Commment 31: This comment thread is laughable.

Commment 32: No but this is a bit of an interesting read

Commment 33: It is good to see that Dave has done well for himself since his release. I hope he is now on a positive path.

Commment 34: Rick Pope is involved in Freemasonry and is a part of the BROTHERHOOD... This is why he gets these shit heads off their charges... MASONS... Clevelands so called ELITE

Commment 35: R.I.P Jarret Lee Nash..God dont like ugly..justice will b served 1 way or the other..uess they will keep getting their heades beat them black belt bitches aint got shit on the squad..

Commment 36: http//

Commment 37: And Rick you are a snitch for the police department not an actual officeru know where snitches end up

Commment 38: Everyone Please realize that martial arts as a whe is very diverse There is no one signal superpower that controls all If there was it wouldnt have evolved to the fantastic art that is practiced by so many today We are all competitive b nature so we strive to make our experiences better day by dayI know Rick Pope and he is a great man and martial artist Please take a minute to step back and consider Why do I feel the need to trash these peoe and their artIf U dont like someone or what they do You have the right as a US citizen to not submit yourself to their presence I guess you have the right to speak poorly about them but why Be the better person and learn the higher level of being a martial artist Try not to speak badly about others unless you are ready for them to do the same about you No of us are perfect WE ARE ALL HUMAN

Commment 39: Batemans number one student and instructor has left his organization rumor has it she was tired of his stuff

Commment 40: I heard the instructor was let go for getting involved in a relationship with a minor

Commment 41: I have been training at Batemans for years and I have had nothing but positive experiences there Yes there was a short season where his ministry was studying and researching the New World Order and Freemasonry and he shared a bit of that with some students but that was a few years ago and has not been brought up since As far as the alleged attacks on Southerners and overweight people this was taken way out of context Grandmaster David Bateman was sharing statistics that he found on various websites about the cultural choices and how the south is shown to be high on the grid with obesity laziness and crime He is an expert in fitness and nutrition and the proof is in the pudding as he is one of the most fit healthy and young looking people around It is true that one of his instructors has had a falling away from the organization but remains to be connected to him on a friendship level and has left to work out some life issues that are outside of the gym with the possibility of a future return I find it amazing that people around the area continue to come against Grandmaster David Bateman when he has proven himself A good father husband business and ministry owner who deals with a large and diverse organization and sometimes has to exercise the disciplines of bylaws of Martial Arts including issuing disciplinary actions for infractions by instructors black belts and students within the association David Bateman was recently nominated to the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame and was listed among some of the greatest leaders and Grandmasters in the world I find it to be a great honor to have this man as my Grandmaster and will continue to support his instruction and his impact on his students I am a better person in all areas of my life due to his remarkable trainingBean

Commment 42: David Bateman is the shiz His skills are barnone I am a certified master ninja warrior because of his training

Commment 43: I have learned the art of putting cool Facebook videos of myself on the net because of my eagle scout training from David Bateman Sulsado Corps

Commment 44: I want to be David Bateman See httpiimgurcomoqQfwocjpg

Commment 45: I piss excellence

Commment 46: I am David Bateman and I approve this message

Commment 47: Sulsado Corps for the win

Commment 48: When I am really hungry I go to Arbys Thats what a true Bateman would do

Commment 49: I am David Batemans biggest fan My name is Cameron

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