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Commment 1: Hi I am insterested in the prarogm but i am currently going through physiotherapy after an accident where i have ad ligament damage in my knee Contrary to anyones belief i still think I can make it as a competitor and at least try for a chance i have only taken up taekwondo in the last years but after reading this article i am wondering if it is possible to get an opportunity when my knee is fully readyyours sincerelyGodwin Wayas

Commment 2: about mindset But we dont live in Sparta so mosta hrefhttpcrwmcpwtcom pploeea dont have a need to be turned into fighters Is this in the Krav Maga brochure or something You are the second person who has said this to me regarding KM training In any case training to take on multiple armed attackers seems pretty Spartan to me Your definition of fighter or martial probably differs from mine as well Why not take up running or swimming instead Those are both life saving skills with health benefits after allKM is based on a modern military combatives system so presumablya hrefhttpcrwmcpwtcom pploeea who are interested in it are not interested in new age hippy quasireligious mystical oneness with the universe They are not interested in trophies They are not interested in fitness per se They want nononsense fighting I tend to think that we as a nation could be better served with a more Spartan attitude quite franklyI do understand your point and I would refer you back to my comments on striving to be good vs being satisfied with being good enough as well as understanding ones capabilities and limitations that doesnt mean you are ready for the Tour de France I dont think that anyone claimed otherwise Perhaps not explicitly here in this comment thread but that is analogous to Krav Magas promotional claims that anyone regardless of age sex or physical condition can successfully disarm multiple andor weapon wielding adversaries These are not trivial tasks Unarmed defense versus edged weapons clubs and firearms is quite difficult and often the consequence for failure is death or serious crippling injury This is a controversial claim to say the least I learned the hard way that until you get hit in a real fight you dont really know how youll react Agreed Which is why I feel that full contact sparring is essential in this type of training People who full contact spar have actually been hit at full power or pretty close They know how they will react In the KM video demonstrations I have seen there has been little or no full contact Krav Maga likes to pride itself on not having any rules competitions or injuries but what that tells me is that they are appealing toa hrefhttpcrwmcpwtcom pploeea who are really afraid to test themselves This is the classic My art is too deadly for the ring excuse used by many martial artists who have never really been hit have compliant training partners and make all kids of excuses why they cant prove their claimsTake a shot in the mouth gut whatever and then see what you do I agree but I have yet to see a Krav Maga demonstration where this actually takes placeWhat was that line from Batman Begins The training is nothing The will is everything An enjoyable film but I dont agree with the sentiment Will is very important but it is not sufficient by itself Training is not nothing If that were true one could successfully confront violence with nothing more than fervent prayer Will is useless without ability and vice versa Krav Maga is not new Been around for decades New is a relative term I had heard of it years ago but it seems that it has surged in popularity in the US recently Besides decades is new when compared to thousands of years of history and I havent seen anything in Krav Maga that makes me think Wow that is a really novel and superior method of kicking someone in the balls In fact every time I see one of their demonstrations I think Nobody is actually hitting or getting hit It is all make believe Dr Helens lucky to get two long winded commenters Talent is recognizable not only by quality but also by the quantity it yields I dont have a problem with gun ownership but I think that too manya hrefhttpcrwmcpwtcom pploeea rely too heavily on having a gun I certainly agree However I also think that if one is truly serious about self defense then firearms training is a must Too manya hrefhttpcrwmcpwtcom pploeea swear by either their kung fu or their pistol but the truth is that neither one of those completely addresses the issue alone One or the other is not always sufficient or appropriate It is a good thing that KM makes an effort to integrate firearms and other common weapons into their other training and it was that aspect that got me interested in it But the quality of that training is not especially good from what I have seen on video Condition carry Huh And dont get me started on these disarmsThe question remains how serious do you want to be with all this Said another way how Spartan do you want to be After all there are only so many hours in the week and mosta hrefhttpcrwmcpwtcom pploeea have other things they would like to do with their free time I can honestly say Krav Maga is not the worst martial art I have seen not by a long shot I have seen elements of KM that I really liked and Ive been disappointed in many other aspects of it I dont think I have seen any systems that do not have shortcomings of one kind or another My biggest specific criticism of KM is that pretending that weapons disarms or multiple opponents are relatively easy problems is irresponsible I dont think it can be said often enough taking on armed opponents is serious business Hand to hand fighting is an athletic endeavor People who tell you that they can teach anyone to be effective in those situations regardless of age sex or athleticism are being either naive or dishonest This is not to say you shouldnt address these situations or that these are hopeless predicaments with no chance of survival but they are dire situations that require extensive training in order to prevail so claims like that are false advertising to meI want to thank you for this civil and rational debate on this topic All too oftena hrefhttpcrwmcpwtcom pploeea get extremely defensive and start resorting to ad hominem when their pet style is called into question By the way some of those socalled martial artists act I can tell that they wouldnt last one minute in a real confrontation if they cant even handle some legitimate disagreement over the internet Im glad to see that isnt the case hereTake careWT

Commment 3: you didnt add enough dleaits people dont know that they were going to come and then canceled bc they hear a person they didnt like was going to be there people dont know that you have been asking them to come to this thing for over a week now and they keep recanceling you need to sit them down and talk to them you let them know that you do all of this stuff for them and that they wont do one small thing for you let them kno how much it would mean to you if they could come good luckKnowing the whole story httpngdnanxorycom urlhttpckqrkucomckqrkuurl linkhttpumncnticomumncntilink

Commment 4: geez thats mean you shouldnt force youra hrefhttplqcyfstzfxcom fendirsa to do anything and you certainly shouldnt guilt them into anything perhaps they cant attend your taekwondo tournament because theyve already made plans seems like YOURE the one thats being a bad friendyes it would be nice if they supported you but you should never make youra hrefhttplqcyfstzfxcom fendirsa feel like they HAVE to do somethingTHE DEMON INSIDE ME

Commment 5: You shouldnt say atynhing to them They have a right not to go to the tournament no matter what you did for them They dont owe it to you sorry Try to enjoy the tournament no matter who is thereTHE DEMON INSIDE ME httpjjspiicom urlhttpdckaircomdckairurl linkhttpcudkpovpdrbcomcudkpovpdrblink

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