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Information About LA Boxing San Diego

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LA Boxing San Diego

13179-3 Black Mountain Road San


(858) 484-7269


Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Commment 1: It is a great environment to train in and the instructors are top notch!
James Johnson

Commment 2: I agree. It is a great environment to train in and the instructors are top notch. I have finally got rid of the bad habits I have picked up in other gyms and I have lost 40 pounds

Commment 3: I have studied martial arts my entire life and have always thought it would take care of me when I needed it. After spending time at LA Boxing San Diego I have realized that the martial arts I have spent so much time studying are near useless in a real life situation. LA Boxing San Diego the primary martial art is Boxing. Boxing is without a doubt the most effective martial art you can learn. In addition to Boxing there is also kickboxing MMA and Jiu Jitsu classes that are great. So if anybody actually reads these reviews I would recommend all men women and children try this academy and dont waist your time on all the other martial arts.
Jim Baglioni

Commment 4: This place saved my life my wifes and my 9year old sons. Im down 40lbs I feel great and I can run long distances now. After the pregnancy my wife dropped 20lbs and can fit into her old clothes. My 9yearold is staying in shape and is learning jiujitsu and soon will be earning is first stripe.

You may think this gym is focused on just fighting... but its really focused on you to become a healthier person by using fight training as a catalyst. Most of the classes are a balance of striking a punching bag and crossfit exercises. But if you are a determined to become a fighter they have the capacity to help you achieve those goals as well.

What you put into your workout determines what you get out of it. Thats why those who go to typical gyms have trouble reaching their goals. But here the class is already planned out. You just have to show up listen to your instructor and sweat for an hour. Then your done while losing about 8001000 calories.

The staff is super friendly and the instructors are patient and attentive. There is a small gym with some machines weights and treadmills if you want that personal workout too. My favorite part is that theres something for the whole family. Its free to try so why not?

Commment 5: Ive been at LA Boxing for just about 6 months and Ive had a great experience so far. Ive seen great progress in both my endurance and strength.

About the trainers... Each has their own style and area of expertise but they are all excellent coaches and fighters. They will all put you through an amazing workout that combines both cardio and strength conditioning. There is no question that if youre looking for a great fullbody workout that will never get easy youll find it here. I would suggest taking classes with all of their trainers at the beginning in order to find one whose style works best for you.

While all the instructors are great really they are. This hasnt always been the case over the last 6 months but as of now they have an amazing group of very talented trainers I will say that I have been extremely impressed with Aaron Swenson. Aarons workouts are creative and varied which makes them fun challenging and consistently effective and hes the best technical kickboxing coach they have. He excels at incorporating the technical aspects of kickboxing and boxing into his classes without compromising the intensity of the workout. Almost any trainer can wear you out with burpees and frog jumps but there are very few who can make you a better boxer at the same time and Aarons one of them. Hes an all around great coach who knows how to handle classes of all sizes and skill levels and Im continually impressed with his dedication and skill as a trainer.

What sets the LA Boxing workout apart from globogym style cardio boxing is their emphasis on teaching technique. This makes for a really engaging workout that demands both physical intensity and mental focus. As their trainers are not just fitness coaches but trained fighters it surprises me that they dont offer classes specifically for more advanced/experienced members. The trainers do a remarkable job dealing with the variations in skill level in each class but it would be nice to see LA Boxing give them the opportunity to be even more effective by offering an advanced class or two.

Commment 6: Being a shinynew resident to San Diego and needing a new gym checked out the usual suspects but knew I was done with the typical routine to be found therein.

Walked into LA Boxing and my first impression was intimidation. Bunch of guys and girls punching and wrestling was definitely not in my comfortzone but I moved to San Diego to get out of that safespace. Took the risk and have been duly impressed with the gym and the instructors.

3months later training with Doug crazy and taking boxing classes with Ramzy and Jesus Ive a new appreciation for the skill that boxing requires the confidence that a fightingsport instills and the bonus of dropping 15 lbs has been SWEET.

Commment 7: LA Boxing has been a big help for me as far as keeping my sanity intact. Their workouts are awesome and the trainers are extraordinary.

I normally go to Anthonys class at 615 AM and as early as 615 Anthony is very enthusiastic about his job and he shows a great sense of passion.

What I want to talk about is though this new trainer LA Boxing hired.

One afternoon after my oneonone session with Anthony I happen to stumble with Robs class. Rob in short is awesome. He is very entertaining. He is friendly not discriminating and highly encouraging.

LA Boxing made the best decision on hiring this guy and I highly recommend his class.

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