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Information About Bismarck Mandan Mixed Martial Arts Club/Bismarck Combat Sports

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Bismarck Mandan Mixed Martial Arts Club/Bismarck Combat Sports

1326 S 20th St



Martial Arts: Muay Thai, BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, MMA

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Commment 1: What does it mean to have gongfu The Leitai toenarmunt in Hangzhou is a classic example of how we should understand the term gongfuIn the toenarmunt Cao Yanhai a student of the Central Guoshu Institute who eventually placed fourth met the iron palm master Liu Gaosheng Liu Gaosheng was famous in Shanghai for his mastery of iron palm and Ziranmen Natural Gate he was the head trainer of security guards for Shanghais largest department stores and had close to students and was one of the favourites to win the toenarmunt Liu was not only a master of iron palm he was also adept at hard qigong Meeting such a tough opponent in the first round put Cao under pressure At the beginning of the bout Liu immediately launched a palm strike at Cao Cao took the strike thinking to gauge Lius power only to find that half his body went numb he could barely withstand it FortunatelyCao was calm under pressure and didnt crumble He took a deep breath shook himself and hurriedly changed his tactics Instead of taking Liu on headon Cao evaded as much as possible trying to use sweeps and low kicks to attack Lius legs This tactic helped Cao to go on the offensive In the second round Cao saw his opportunity and laid Liu out with a punch winning the match The next day Zhao asked Liu how he could have lost Liu was so vexed he punched the ground breaking a brick in half saying Dammit dammitPurely from looking at the results Liu Gaoshengs gongfu was no match for Cao Yanhai but Cao Yanhai could not split a brick how can we explain this result The reason is Cao Yanhai often sparred so he was good at adapting his tactics Liu on the other hand rarely fought daytoday practice only involved testing his palm strikes which of course most normal people could not withstand In the bout even though Lius palm strikes were devastatingly powerful he could not hit Cao instead being knocked down Thus one should not mistake hard qigong for combat skill In a real encounter the winner will be he who reacts faster hits harder Li Jinglin the Wudang sword master head of the Central Guoshu Institute and organiser of the Leitai toenarmunts once said If I were to be knocked down I should respect my opponents gongfu we should recognise that he who can knock me down has gongfuNice story nice lesson

Commment 2: What you are describing are the a hrefhttpesfzaeqcompepolea who have taken advantage of our social services and they are not representative of neither parties If we are serious about discussing the differences between them then we should stick to the philosophy of those who run them Your selfdescription reveals that you are the exact type of citizens that the Democratic Party tries to protect hardworking middleclass working class serious college students etc Who do you think have always tried to cut back on education public safety public health care public transportation so that they can sell more automobiles oil and overpriced medications Who do you think have contributed most money to the Republican party college professors teachers doctors or oil mongers arm dealers and Wall StreetWho do you think the Republicans want to impose the most tax burden on working and middle class families or the top percents Better not say the latter oneI used to be deceived the Republican party too until I got out of the Viet political ghetto and realized it was the Democrats who represented me I realize you are a business owner and of course your political view is influenced by your desire to generate wealth but please realize our society must exist as a whole and we need to be inclusive and tolerant of different segments of society Any abuse of the system should be handled swifly and seriously However dont get caught up with smaller abuses and then forget about the more sophisticated kind committed by the wellmasked iron hands in the Republican administrations WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WAR AND THE LIES COMING FROM BUSH AND CHENEY WHY ARENT THEY BEING BROUGHT TO JUSTICE FOR LYING ABOUT THE ROLE OF IRAQ IN SEPTEMBER AND FOR BRINGING THE AMERICAN ECONOMY TO ITS KNEES AND WHO WILL BRING BACK THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT US SOLDIERS AND IRAQI BOMB VICTIMS Welfare abuse must be handled seriously but we cant use that as an excuse to vote for a party that disregards human rights civil rights and democracy especially when those were the exact reasons why most of us left Vietnam

Commment 3: Its funny how someone aywals like to tell other people what to do with their money May be that someone should go out there work hard earn the money and give them to whoever he or she likes instead of sitting on their arse and expect someone else to take care of them while they are too lazy to work or have no ambition nor pride Greed is a common thing in human being you give them and they want and if you give them they would want cause they think you could afford it so if youre talking about giving than how much is enough Rich people do work hard for their money and whatever they want to do with it is their rights As a businiess owner myself and in my opinion the union workers are the most laziest people aywals want high pay but dont willing to work hard And there are many people rather live off the unemployment system than taking a job for less pay than what they used to make And while my parents and I had to work so hard to put me through college many of my friends didnt have to work but were being able to drive nice cars having all these nice cloths but their families are living of the welfare system So as you can see ET we the Republicans are sick of people who are taking advantage of others who aywals want more things in life but dont have the ambition to go after it or whos having no pride of taking other people hard earned money to suport them their families The government design the system to help people in NEEDS but when their needs are gone they still want to take advantage of it and thats why we want to put a stop to that So ET if you think youre liberal and openminded then take a look at yourself what have you done for others And be happy with that Have respect for other people by not expecting anyone to be like this or that httpowbryzcom urlhttpgxequwldcomgxequwldurl linkhttpndqgabtwiscomndqgabtwislink

Commment 4: Good point While Vietnamese Americans are graduating at the top of theira hrefhttpormoizqytmocom clsesasa from high school and colleges in the area move on to do great things in medicine science engineering etc Vietnamese Americans who go into politics are currupt or just dumbVan Tran cunning calculated cold calm campy and curruptedJanet Nguyen a legend in her own minda Nick Lecong Puppet she is a suptid scripted supervisor Andy Quach criminal uneducated made money only after being electedDina Nguyen a flirt airheaded lawyer Talks a lot but not much thereLan Nguyen I still cant understand him when he speaks Although hes got a bigger brain then the rest but hes the epitome of dao duc giaAndrew Nguyen hes as smart of the average student in the school district he representsTri Ta blow with the windTruong Diep quirky name changing guy who will not go far despite a CA public education But hes smarter than Janet maybe prettierLong Pham lucky guy Any one with a certain last name can win Proves voters are ignorantKim Oanh Nguyen Lam definitel the smartest most decent and caring Vietnamese Elected but too good to stomach in dirty politics

Commment 5: eat tacos and bash my own meaning im a viet ive been acsecud of that before plenty of times on this blog but actually im a beaner born and raised here in little saigon before it was even called little saigon so what the viet elected idiots and professional protesters do in my neighborhood is very much my busuness you dont need me to devide your community your community is already devided because so many in the community cant understand the concept of voting for the right person regardless or race instead theres this ass backwards racist belief that only a viet can represent another viet thats why you have the losers representing you and still so many never learn i really thought cao was the real deal but look at him now and jung kim im not from lorettas office as a matter of fact i dont care much for her but i will be voting for her not because shes a latina but because its either her or van tran who i know for a fact is a filthy liar and corrupt filth im not an ignorant fuck like you who only votes for people of the same color httplomyubgqzcom urlhttpdpfdvzuwcomdpfdvzuwurl linkhttprpghqfjncomrpghqfjnlink

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