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Information About FEARS Ltd Art Meets Reality

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FEARS Ltd Art Meets Reality

1 Tidal Court

WELLS, ME 04090



Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Karate

Hall of Fame Coach/Trainer
Robb Buckland

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Commment 1:
To Whom it may concern

Ive been training with Robb Buckland for the past 56 months and Ive learned more from Robb in the short period of time than I have in the many years of other martial arts training I have received. The training makes sense it works with your natural body flow and creates a systematic response that your body will react to in distress. I work in corrections and am around constant danger all the time. Keeping my guard up is a very important factor. With the training I have received with Robbs system I walk into the correctional facility with confidence knowing that I will walk out of there and return to my family safely at the end of my shift.

Wells Maine

Commment 2:

To whom it may concern

As a martial artist for 40 years I have had opportunity and pleasure of working with Robb many times.

He is one of the most well rounded martial artists I have encountered having the ability to integrate the best of many systems into his seminars with ease and continuity.

Robbs ability to present his marital arts knowledge through his seminars is entertaining fun very effective and through never losing focus of the lesson being taught.

Yours truly
Gary Geddes
Kyoshi 7th degree

Commment 3: To whom it may concern

Kickboxing...what to say
My Instructor Robb Buckland is a great instructor with a great attitude that helps keep me motivated when i struggle to keep up. Rob does an amazing job keeping the class fun. He has great technique and works right along with you. Robbs demonstration is clear easy to follow and you can see how much he enjoys the art of kickboxing.
Kickboxing is Fantastic/ It has changed my life it is a very important part of my life now. He not only keeps me physically fit cardiovascular flexibility muscular endurance/strength in body and mind. I get to hit things hard that is good stress reduction. I feel power strong confident and in control. I LOVE MY NEW LEGS AND ARMS. From day 1 Rob has made kickboxing experience challenging and rewarding. He has instilled a heightened sense of confidence and well being content with myself/ My instructor has patience always pushing me to do my best but with safety always present. I never leave my workout disappointed i am alert and full of vigor. what i found in kickboxing surpassed my expectations. Rob is such a professional smooth quick on his feet precise controlled moves. I love to watch him workout and teach others. I have learned so much in the short time i have taken lessons from Robb. I shall never fear a confrontation with anyone for I AM STONG AGILE BALANCED COORDINATED FAST ready for any emergency without fear.

Susannah Baker
Wells Maine

Commment 4: To whom it may concern

I have trained with Robb Buckland over and extended period of time in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Rob was the most eclectic martial artist in our area and was quick to share his experiences in the wider world of marital arts to our small community of martial artists. I live in Pittsfield Ma a small community in Western Mass and have trained in Uechi Ryu karate American Kenpo Yoshitsune jiu jitsu and in the Joe Lewis system. I trained in Kenpo and Uechi Ryu in my home community.. As a result of meeting Sensei Buckland I became exposed to the other systems and had the opportunity to train extensively in these systems.

Sensei Buckland was extremely generous with knowledge of these systems and he was also generous with his equipment. He made his dojo and his equipment available to many local martial artists without cost or at very minimal cost. It provided untold opportunity for a variety of local people to broaden the martial arts horizons within our relatively small geographical location.

Sensei Buckland was the first local martial artist to cross train in this extensively in other systems and to integrate these systems into their martial arts repertoire.

I am very strongly influenced by these experiences in my own teachings as I instruct on my own. I have taught defensive tactics at the Western Massachusetts Correctional Officers Training Academy and I continue to teach Uechi Ryu karate in the local area

Very truly yours
Michael McMahon 4 Dan
Certified Jun Shihan

Commment 5:
To Whom it may concern

I have worked closely with Mr. Buckland over the past 11 years in a variety of capacities including as his student training partner and as fellow teachers. Mr. Bucklands ability to lead a class is exceptional and he possesses a superior ability to inspire and teach a variety of subjects. His wealth of knowledge is secondtonone and his willingness to continue the learning process as a student as well as his passion for learning results in his continual evolution and improvement as a teacher. Where some rest on their laurels and past accomplishments Mr. Buckland constantly looks to raise the bar which serves as further inspiration to those around him a reallife example of leading by example.

I have no doubt that Mr. Buckland will succeed in this project. He is one of the senior Black Belts in the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems generally considered the Ivy League of the martial arts industry a clear example of his dedication and commitment. He is meticulous in all of his endeavors. Mr. Buckland is a highly disciplined and motivated selfstarter and a person of integrity. I highly recommend him.

Sincerely yours
Dennis J. Campo
Sometimes a teacher always a student!
President Chief Instructor
Wisdom Way Martial Arts Inc.

Commment 6: To whom it may concern

What impresses me most about Robb Buckland as an instructor is the way he combines training in the fundamentals with innovative fighting styles.

He is always looking for new cutting edge approaches to defensive and competition aspects and incorporating those approaches into the traditional style of Uechi Ryu.

He is both a student and teacher of the martial arts always researching designing and incorporating new ideas and methods.

He has an incredible ability to teach across number of levels and age groups from beginners to upandcoming top notch fighters.

Robb is not only a teacher practitioner and coach but also a mentor. He trains his instructors to be teachers and assistants as well a true testament to his devotion to the growth and continuation of martial arts.

Robb has an amazing amount of knowledge talent and experience in martial arts. His instruction is world class and his martial arts classes are a great learning experience as well as a great workout.

But above all of his martial arts credentials he is the best role model anyone could have.

He brings an enthusiasm and energy to the class that motivates and pushes you to be your best.

Van Canna Uechi Ryu 9th Dan Hanshi.

Commment 7:

To Whom It May Concern

I and our organization have known Robb Buckland for over 12 years. He has been one of our outstanding members being both knowledgeable regarding the theories and principles of the martial arts as well as proficient in their use. I would recommend Robb as a spokesperson and authority that is quite capable of authentically representing the martial arts. In addition he is well spoken and presents a fine image for our industry.


Dennis Nackord

9th Degree Black Belt

Executive Board of Directors

Joe Lewis Fighting Systems

Commment 8:

To Whom it may concern

I have known and trained with Robb Buckland for over twenty years . He is without a doubt one of the most talented dedicated martial artist and fitness people I know. His skills and teaching abilities are progressive street smart effective and to the point.
Robb has an amazing ability to lead and inspire others that far surpasses most if not all in his field. I highly recommend anyone who is serious about martial arts and fitness train with Robb.

David J. Sinopoli
Professional Firefighter
Martial Artist
Regional SWAT team member
Defensive tactics instructor
Narcotics officer for local Drug Task Force
Tactical Response Team Leader for jail and house of correction
Cell extraction / move team leader

Commment 9: To whom it may concern

My friend and associate Robb Buckland has conducted martial art seminars for many of my Camps and has always drawn rave reviews from the students in attendance.
I can highly recommend Robb for any martial art assignment he wishes to undertake.

George E. Mattson
International Uechiryu Karate Federation

Commment 10:
To Interested Parties

In regards to my friend and one of my black belts Robb Buckland let me simply state that he is more than qualified to execute any activities involving a martial arts fitness project. You will discover this as soon as you beganto work with him as I did going back almost thirty years when we first met.

My reputation speaks for itself. I came from the fitness world and became the first martial artist to become a world champion in two separate sports karateandkickboxing. Ive done it all films TV books magazines camps public speaking and I know what it takes tomake a project like this a success. And now after working together with Mr. Buckland for several years Istrongly support andrecommend him as the top candidate for your choosing.His unequivocal qualifications can only be surpassed by his natural charm.

Feel free to contact mefor more input at 727 4200496.

Joe Lewis
Former World Karate/Kickbox Champion
United States Marine Corps

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