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MMA Schools Near 59601


hwy 12 east helena,mt

HELENA, MT 59601



Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Karate

contact coach johnnyshogunaho. we teach men,women and children age 10 and up.self defense or fight in the ring, we have a lesson for you.

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Commment 1: not only is this a great club but they are like family. we spend alot of time together outside of the club. like an extended family only i like them more. ive learned bjj and standup fighting and now fight in the ring. love this school and coach shogun.

Commment 2: i have learned self defense and self confidence from coach shogun. he has helped me become a man in many ways. thanks coach!

Commment 3: i used to be in trouble with the law all the time. since i have started training with tpg my attitude is 100 better and i am no longer on the bad side of the law. thanks to coach johnny and team proven grounds.

Commment 4: this mma school has probably saved my life. i was huge in drugs and in trouble with the law almost every day. but ever since ive gone to Team Proven Grounds i have something to do other than getting in serious trouble. and now i am in love with this sport. i would also like to thank Coach Rod Adam Silas and Johnny. they are my inspration to stay out of trouble.

Mike Murray

Commment 5: i have been with team for a year and i am so happy to be part of team proven grounds thanks a lot johnny love your day walker /amber

Commment 6: kool school

Commment 7: ive been training in marshal arts since i was a little guy but after 3 kids im rusty so i might drop by

Commment 8: if you want cardio this is the place however if your looking to learn how to fight look else where there are far better gyms in town the coach promotes pot smoking among everyone including minors further more the head coach started dating a year old member there not classy

Commment 9: sixteen year old girl

Commment 10: First of all the girl is and personal lifestyle is not involved in training Look at Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan who always smoke pot before they roll Most of the coaches Ive met all smoke or drink its a personal preference in which you do not have to do or like Coach Who is one of the best coaches around and he doesnt even make any money doing it

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