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Information About Crestwood Kenpo Karate Inc.

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Crestwood Kenpo Karate Inc.

4711 137th St



Martial Arts: Karate

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Commment 1: Bryan excellent post I agree with you and Dave Ward PX and the other Beachbody ftniess programs is a fantastic program What Trainer Guy doesnt say is that his ideal physique is himself Fine for him and his friends who want to spend hours each day under a barbell or lifting massive dumbells But its not for me Ive done it since I was yo and the millions of others that want to lead health active lifestylesI am and Im in the best shape of my life In fact Im in better shape than most of the people I meet that are half my age I do PX PX and Insanity The key to me is variety variety variety I want to do something different every day I also need the program to by simple and work What is more simple that popping in a DVD and pushing play Believe me Beachbody products work They work for me and theyll work for youMy wife works out with me times a week She is continually losing weight getting stronger and becoming more active These are programs anyone can do at their own ftniess level and at home either alone or with family and friendsBest RegardsBob

Commment 2: Coach Darren Yes it can track your repetitions and a hrefhttpayobcycomweihgta used automatically with the app Instead of using worksheets you use the app and it stores all your workouts You can also compare your previous workouts and even chart improvement To see the actual demonstrations of movements and exercises you need to purchase the in app guided workouts You can buy them individually or buy a pack which includes all the resistance workouts or the whole program which includes all the guided workouts

Commment 3: to land like a cat If you dont land softly all that ssters and weight will get you injured I was laid up with a ssters fracture for months most likely from doing this barefoot the first time and landing too hard on my feet One problem I have with PX is that I dont think they ssters safety considerations for plyo enough If you are significantly overweight I would say a BMI of or higher you should NOT do this workout or you should change the intensity so you land very softly Do not do plyometrics on a hard surface or bare floor Use a carpeted surface or a plyometrics mat the Manduka mat I mentioned above is great If this workout is too much for you or if you arent really concerned with getting the athletic benefits from it ie you want to lose weight rather than become more athletic you have the option of skipping it and doing the bonus cardio video that comes with PX If youre a runner you can substitute a run on this day and the kenpo day ShouldersArms Designed in a series of three exercises per round working your shoulders biceps then triceps I recommend everyone make sure they have a small weighted dumbbell set like or pounds for their triceps This is my favorite workout because it is so well structured Yoga X If youve never done Yoga before this will kill you the first few times and is one of the toughest workouts in the series behind plyo It takes tremendous core strength and balance to get through some of the routines I always thought yoga looked ridiculous but it has given me so much better flexibility and strength that I cant imagine not doing it anymore I couldnt do the crane move at all the first time I did this Within weeks I could hold it the entire seconds It is scheduled perfectly in the week so that it cures a lot of the pain and soreness from the previous days of working out If you are an advanced yoga practitioner you may find this video a little too basic for you Legs and Back This is a fairly tough workout When I was on the track and saw someone doing lunges I always thought they looked ridiculous and wondered what it accomplished This workout is filled with lunges and they will work the heck out of your legs If you have never done lunges before try doing about deep lunges or squats in a row and you will have a feel for how they can build muscle The back portion is all pull ups Kenpo X This is the weakest workout in the whole program It is a very fun workout but its just not intense enough Its all kicking and punching I constantly find my heart rate dropping too much during the punches and blocking I augment this workout by moving my feet around a lot during the punches and blocks to keep my heart rate up During the end of it when Tony is doing some of the blocks and elbow series I will just imagine I am fighting dozens of guys in a karate movie and shadow fight wildly moving all over the room for the entire time I am not one of these people that looks for extra intensity during workouts but a decent portion of this program is just too slow to really burn calories I would advise people who dont feel think Kenpo X is enough to substitute it with a hour run or just use the Kenpo Cardio video from PX Plus by Beachbody Stretch X You can skip this and take a rest day instead but this video is great for increasing flexibility and reducing soreness from the previous workouts At hour long it is no joke but youre also not going to be exhausted afterwords and youll end up burning a couple hundred calories during it Core Synergistics This workout is started during week what is teasingly named a rest week This is an extremely tough workout designed to utilize all the muscles in your core I hate this workout while doing it but like a lot of people find it is a really fun one Chest Shoulders Triceps Phase II Things are changed up here somewhat to work different muscle combinations This is one of my least favorite workouts I do not feel it is nearly as effective as either Chest and Back or the Shoulders workout from Phase Instead of a lot of regular push ups you do a lot of crazy things like one arm push ups clapping and plyo push ups where you get completely airborne and balance push ups The workouts are much more interesting but also much more difficult I can do regular push ups by phase but still cant do a single one arm push up I know that balance push ups work my core more but I still dont feel like theyre as effective at building up my chest as crushing out regular military push ups Form is pretty much everything here Back Biceps Phase II Its nice to have a change in the routines during this phase Cardio X This is just an optional workout designed for people who are on the lean program meaning they are more concerned with losing fat than gaining muscle so they do extra cardio Most of the routines are just designed to make you sweat and a lot of them are the same routines from Plyometrics As I mentioned you can also use this in place of plyo if that turns out to be too much Its a nice little bonus Ab Ripper This is done three times a week and follows the strength training It focuses more on your core than other ab workout videos If you think about skipping this or dogging it during the workout you will pay dearly during Core Synergistics in week I highly recommend those that workout in the mornings do Ab Ripper later in the evening I found that I was too wiped out when trying to do it immediately after the strength training videos My only complaint is that they should have included a separate disc for ab ripper or at least included a title selection on the discs it is on so you can skip the strength training workout before it if youre doing it later in the day Otherwise you have to fast forward through the entire strength training workout to reach itGENERAL TIPSOBSERVATIONSDo not weigh yourself every day and do not get discouraged if you fail to lose weight or even gain weight During Phase I your goal is to increase muscle It is actually not uncommon to gain weight since youre putting on muscle Looking at a scale every day may just discourage you The first time I did PX the scale said I lost a measly pounds my first month but my body changed drastically I dropped down inches off my waist and put on a lot more muscle I check my weight and body fat percentage every two weeks and my measurements every Use your measurements and body fat along with how well your clothes fit to measure progress not weight I have found that rapid weight loss usually occurs with many people between weeks after starting the program Make sure to take before pictures then take pictures again at day and compare them If you dont see a difference you are doing something wrong This sounds like a cliche but I had MANY compliments only halfway through the program As ridiculous as it sounds I actually had girls walk up to me feel my arms and ask me if I had been working out This program will transform your bodyThere are two things that will determine success with this program intensity and nutrition You can dog it and halfheartedly go through the workouts and write down that you have completed each one but if you do not bring intensity to the program you will not get nearly as much out of it You must be mentally prepared for PX and push yourself past your mental limits This means pumping out two more push ups when your body is telling you you are done body always quits before mind It is extremely easy to just go through the motions on ab ripper and complete it which is what I did the first several weeks When I decided to concentrate on form and really work on feeling a burn during each exercise I got so much more out of it I cannot ssters this enough After a few weeks on the program when you think you know how to do everything watch the crew do the entire rep before doing it yourself and see if you can improve your form I drastically improved my form the second round I did PX and found a big difference in the way I was doing the exercises For instance I started going much lower in my squats during Groucho Walk yes that is an actual exercises I also dropped down much lower in my form during Warrior in Yoga and realized that an extra inches makes a BIG difference and a much better workout The second area for success is nutrition You must make sure you consume enough calories every day and get in enough protein Many people fail with this aspect Diet is more important to body image than exercise and you must cut your fat sugar and salt intake if you want to see your abs I know so many people that do this program and dont follow the diet guidelines at all and then dont understand why they dont get the results they want On the other hand if you are super intense in the workouts you can get away with a poorer dietOverall this is one of the best and most efficient workouts for people who want to get superfit in a relatively short amount of time and are willing to work hard to get it You need drive and selfcontrol to really get the most from this program but if you put some effort in you will be amazed at the resultsEDIT rounds of PX later I have learned a few things and made some mistakes and the best advice I can give anyone doing the program is to lower the number of reps closer to like Tony does and use heavier weights This goes for men and women The last reps of each exercise really do have to be super tough Its a shame I didnt figure this out for so long You should really be struggling on that last rep and if you can just barely get it up great If you can pump out ten reps without feeling too bad then keep doing reps until you cant do anymore and on the next set increase your weight Dont lift the weight too fast There are a couple times where Tony tells you this should be a slow controlled exercise He should say that for everything and I think he goes a little too fast on some of them Slower movements will provide much better gains A tempo is great a second positive a second isometric squeeze in the contracted position and then a second negative to bring the weight down You may have to decrease the amount of weight youre using by going slower but this ensures you are developing the muscles more and not cheating by throwing your body weight into itEDIT I know this review is insanely long but I wanted to offer some more advice Exactly one year later and I am feeling something in my back that I have never felt in the three rounds I have done of this program soreness Thats because I did Chest and Back yesterday and really focuses on working my back muscles It sounds dumb but I actually envisioned my back muscles working and moving while I was doing the exercise When I did back flys I pulled all the way back with the weights and tried to make my shoulder blades touch When I did pullups I dropped ALL the way down so my arms were hanging and focuses on working my back muscles to pull myself up rather than using my arms When I did lawnmowers I kept my arm tightly tucked to my chest to ensure I was using my back and not my shoulder The difference I feel today is huge in comparison to what I was doing and I wish I hadnt wasted all that time doing back exercises with poor form When Bobby is doing back flys incorrectly and Tony corrects him so he doesnt use his shoulders it is a perfect example of how easy it is to minimize your results by using poor form I know I said intensity and diet were the two main things you should focus on while doing this workout for success but a year later I think I should add a third proper form httpzmosmfjencom urlhttpvemqmburjcomvemqmburjurl linkhttptvzqwzoyoavcomtvzqwzoyoavlink

Commment 4: You only have to do th the workout each day and youll still geta hrefhttpuiwfrfqcom povstiiea benefits although people tend to forget how physically adaptable the human body is hence your minutes will start morphing into etc Thats why PX changes it up you do a different excercise each day for a few weeks and then switch it up its all guided including the food which I dont doIt is too good to be true Im working my ass off so even if I do PX wrong or PX wasnt actually valid Im still working my ass off thus results come whether its good or not lolI think people like it me especially because its scheduled the DVD gives you a progress of how far youre through it it hasa hrefhttpuiwfrfqcom povstiiea messaging and a group feel so youre not alone even if you areThe nd big reason is you dont need a bunch of crap just a pull up bar and bands or dumbbells Yes you can buy all the stuff mat block shakes supplements diet food food they supply extra weights heart rate monitor wireless support for it app for it blah blah blah but you dont have to At allIm not leaving Flex but I am fixin to dominate the JS stack so I can effectively shut down the ignorant and the hz both for my clients and for yall

Commment 5: I have the vids for this but have yet to start it I think the biggest chlelange is that I dont want to dedicate an hour or more to it If you readers also find an hour being too much time you can do some of these workouts which happened to help me go from lbs to about lbs in less than months I didnt even change my diet which is fairly healthy already One is the workout that the actors did to get in shape for the movie of the same name The other is called minutes of hell and believe me the name is appropriateThis in addition to doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Yoga at least times a week do a decent job of keeping me fairly fit httpijbralmpfcom urlhttpevmbwxzqcomevmbwxzqurl linkhttppqjrvokcompqjrvoklink

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