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Information About Louisiana Sport Taekwondo

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Louisiana Sport Taekwondo

3747 W.Esplanade Ave


504 2320131


Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido

Olympic Sport Taekwondo and SelfDefense skills. Ages 6 and up. Olympic style training for competitions.

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Commment 1: My son trains at Louisiana Sport TaeKwondo and the instructor and assistant instructors are amazing. Master Livaudais felt my son was ready to compete in a tournament six weeks after he started instruction. Despite my reservations I allowed him to enter the tournament and to my surprise he was undefeated against boys were were bigger than him and one to two belt levels more advanced than his white belt. Ive found that the majority of the time our students take the gold at the tournaments we attend and I attribute this to the superior training they receive at LST. In addition I feel like the leadership of this team is part of my family and on the four occasions weve traveled to Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale and the national qualifiers in Texas in the last two years the cohesiveness of the group is apparent. I feel confident that there is no other place where my child could receive better training.

Commment 2: I agree with the other comment that this school has the best sports taekwondo training in the city or state. They win at all the tournaments. They do forms olympic sparring and point sparring. They are not all sports. They do selfdefense in class. The training is tuff. Its not for wimps. But master Greg makes it fun.

Commment 3: Probably the best school in the city for olympic tae kwon do training. Ive been to other schools and none compare to the high level of training you get at LST. The instructors are dedicated to the students as well as the sport.

Commment 4: LST rocks! I have fun going to class.I learn a lot and I am getting better every day. I like sparring the best and the instructors.

Commment 5: Great instructors and wonderful student body. Everyone is nice and highly skilled. Im very impressed with the quaility program at LST.

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