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Information About Ny Jidokwan Taekwondo

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Ny Jidokwan Taekwondo

62 E 4th St

NEW YORK, NY 10003


Martial Arts: Taekwondo

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Commment 1:

6469637766 JIRIZAR1AOL.COM

Commment 2: WARNING after training with the instructors for a year and then joining their club months ago this is the kind of treatment I receive from New York Jidokwan Taekwondo Inc when I chose not to sign their contract Join at your own riskMattThe so called home made contract is a serious and legally binding contract referencing law and advised by professional lawyers This is a good example of your ignorance We have received a great amount of complaints about you and we have gone to great lengths to smooth things over with others We have also put in a great deal of exceptions for you and Jaden alike Despite your personal and unimportant opinions within NYJDK I am on equal status with both Master Lee and Instructor Carlos I own this school and you do not You have insulted me and Instructor Carlos on more than one occasion The only reason we put up with any of it was for Jaden Also threatening to leave the school and trying to hold an entire organization hostage for your measly one thousand dollars speaks volumes of your disgusting character and idiotic views No organization is going to crumble because of a grand You are beyond transparent in your thinking and I can see through all of your decisions We are affordable for a reason and located where we are for a reason We do things this way for a reason and you are way too thick to grasp the basics of any of itThe fact that you are stupid enough to think that you can piss me off with disrespectful language and attitude and not face any consequences is appalling I WILL NOT have an asshole like you a member of this school This is a unanimous decision reached within seconds and will not be changed no matter how much you try to undermine me Instructor Carlos does not like youMaster Lee doe not like youAnd I find you repulsiveNot even Jonathan Chin likes youSo far you have a great track record of ticking off everyone who have shown you kindness and consideration As a last note You have made a really grave mistake in burning this bridge We have vast connections with all the best competitive olympic style schools along the east coast Our network of Masters and Grand Masters spread the gamut of national olympic and international level players and coaches I will personally make sure that you do not receive even a modicum of instruction or guidance from any of them If you think that I do not have the reach to achieve this you will be disappointedYou can continue your quest for a flimsy babysitting school and make a shit ton of money Simply knowing forms and how to compete will NEVER make a school of any quality and anyone looking for substance will not step foot in it However you reach your st degree black belt it wont mean shit And any educated tkd practitioner knows that instructors below a th degree black belt is a phony The only people who can award you that rank is th dan and higher All of whom are good friends and mentors to us and intertwined with tkd politics beyond your level Good luck finding a respectable person to give you rank Word spreads quick in this community Dont you EVER approach my school again MinSun HoNew York Jidokwan Taekwondo IncOn April Matthew Your homemadewritten contract is somewhat of a joke to me There are a number of points that I have issues with and yes you are correct I will not sign it My studio is blocks from nyjdk and has been for years and i will not have nyjdk tell me where i can or can not open a studio if i so choose to I come to nyjdk to learn tkd and have no interest in stealing your clients but find it insulting that you assume that it might be my intention nyjdks lack of trust in their pupils and apparent paranoia is not my concern There is a level of respect that is expected towards our master but evidently the respect is not reciprocated With that being said and based on you being nonnegotiable please return my security deposit as unfortunately it will be my last month and Jadens too unless you are willing to waive this contract Matthew MattIts come to my attention that you do not wish to sign the contractUnfortunately the clause that protects our school from competition stemming from our former students setting up shop in our immediate area is necessary and nonnegotiable SincerelyMinSun HoNew York Jidokwan Taekwondo Inc

Commment 3: If you are looking for a dojo that is unprofessional ill equipped verbally abusive and threatening this is the place for you see the evidence httpwwwyelpcombiznewyorkjidokwantaekwondonewyork

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