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Information About Expert Karate Dave Batemans TKD

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Expert Karate Dave Batemans TKD

1500 Clingan Ridge Drive, Cleveland, TN




Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA, Taekwondo, Hapkido

Check out our 14,000 square foot facility 45.000 of mirrors throughout Locker rooms Showers
Tennessees premier Dojang

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Commment 1: Master Dave Bateman is the most accomplished Martial Arts Coach in the Cleveland Tennessee area. He is truly the best coach for all ages... He is an internationally certified black belt by the World TaeKwonDo Headquarters
in Seoul South Korea KukkiwonHe has been training since 1972.

Commment 2: Master Dave is phenomenal with his students. They learn real martial arts without the fancy prices and self defense is a guarantee. Be warned if you are looking for just something to keep your kids busy and entertained you might want to take them 5 miles down the road to ITA. They have romper room style and no self defense teaching. However if you want to be a olympic champion in TKD then Batemans Expert Karate is the right place and is Kukkiwon true black belt certified with Koreas TKD headquarters in Seol.

Commment 3: This guy is mentally unstable you have been warned.

Commment 4: Ive never heard of this guy. Ive been in Cleveland for more than 10 years and I know most of the legitimate martial arts instructors.

Commment 5: This guy is listed at three different addresses in Cleveland whats the story? I guess he cant run a legit business. . .

Commment 6: Master Dave was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota... He is the MOST intense Martial Arts Coach Around... He is new to Cleveland Teaching OFFICIAL TAEKWONDO and HapKiDo In Line with The International Olympic Committee THE BEST ARE USED TO GETTING SLAMMED Master Dave is an Outstanding Father and raises his Daughter and works very hard in ministry and by no means is he mentally unstable... Rather HE IS RADICAL FOR CHRIST... I have seen what he can do.... He is trying to break through for higher standards of Martial Artists in the area... Dont underestimate his ground game. He is certified in several legitimate styles including a Master in Sul Sa Do...THE ELITE with 126 Shoot Fighting WINS Midwest Sport Fighting Federation mid 1980s through mid 1990s

Commment 7: This is just a belt factory no better than Rick Popes just another Mcdojo.

Commment 8: Master Daves school is the best you are just jealous

Commment 9: If you are up for the challenge of your life and want to test your soul in the eyes of the lord and his son then this is the place for you. He has been chosen by God to lead the worthy into victory over the evils of society. Masonic Education is the way. Using the power of the Sul Sa Do to conquer the Masons evil empire and their plan to take over the world. Join his group of champions as they learn to defeat evil where they stand by the life of a true martial art warrior. Join his ministry of God Rock and support the school to finding the true christian faith that he feels is still hiding among ALL christian churches who know not of their church leaders secret rituals. Cast out your faith to join his in finding true christianity in order to be accepted in the eyes of God and the lord our savior. Book coming out soon with all truths of todays religion and domination of the Masonic Empire. Bateman has the best christian warriors around and has the power to be unstoppable in all competitions. Join today for the best christian martial art school around and learn to be Gods champion.

Commment 10: I have been there and saw his credentials. He is very proud of them. However there was Hapkido and Taekwondo. Thats it when did he get certified in the others? It happened quick. In the past 8 months? When did he become a ninja master? I missed alot. That is what Sul Sa do is referenced to. I want to be a ninja. I must stop by and check it out for myself.

Commment 11: You idiots! Dont you get it? Bateman is from Minnesota and is Illuminati and comes from a bloodline of Illuminati stemming from the Amway Empire check out the ring he wears on his right hand it is an Emerald with a Celtic Cross. A Franklin Distributed Ring given to him by the Russians for marrying an Estonian Princess do your research. Bateman has had the best Martial Arts training in the World and many supporters let there be peace...

Commment 12: You guys are Idiots you dont get certified in Sul Sa Do

Commment 13: You said you saw Hapkido credentials correct? Hapkido combines the essential characteristics of karate judo aikido jujitsu and taekwondo. There is your certification and from what I understand The Expert Karate Association pounds this stuff pretty hard.

Commment 14: I trained with him ten years in minnesota here is what I learned from him...One of the greatest Minnesota Competitive Teams in Olympic TaeKwonDo while I was there. However Master Dave had a unique following of HapKiDan Masters we often trained in the woods... All kinds of weapons including guns and explosives where used in northern Minnesota camps. we were taught survival skills night games moonlight grappling compassing knife throwing and much use of the weapon tonfa and sword a bit smaller then a Katana.... we did a lot of stuff in water and learned life saving techniques.. A lot of gun disarming techniques. breathing and yoga type stretching called tanjun are stressed... he has the ability to shoot a very long way with a good scope and rifle. We often used the Chinese SKS that traning was cool and we all wore army type clothing but it was fashioned like a gi or dobak so you could wear a belt and all wore black belts and many were from other martial arts schools... I did several of these camps and I was trained to my third degree black belt with expert karate schools and my name is Mike Bostic... This training and experience with dave bateman and don hopwood changed me and inspired me and educated me beyond belief

Commment 15: he still trains in the woods i came across their camp while backpacking deep in the woods he had a bunch with him and invited me to watch i have no idea what they were doing but the midnight knife throwing was pretty cool they treated me great i got their info and if i get back down that way im going to look them up

Commment 16: I dont know about casting out my faith to join his sounds a little fishy to me

Commment 17: Its easy to figure out if you look at the posts on all of the gyms from Cleveland they all share one thing Cleveland Mixed Martial Arts Academy has someone most likely the original ownerposting negative things about every gym in this town except for his own. Why cant you just let people train where they want to and worry about yourself. If people are happy where they are and with who they train with then what does it matter. Grow up and find something to do besides being a keyboard criticizer.
The structure of the sentences the words used the timing of the posts you think they would cover their tracks a little better.
To everyone that is NOT being critical enjoy your martial arts experience and let the arrogance remain at the mall.

Commment 18: Master bateman trains fornication while molesting insects style kungfu. His adams apple dictactes woods training while scope shooting with various midgets. Continously Mike Jolley training smaller martial artists like insecure Ty Bramlett attempting to learn from nothing. Small skinny midget mma training is good in the cage with stew. Funny laughter tickles is the best mount escape from cage fight.

Commment 19: Ty Bramlett and Jordan Defriece you are both fags. That is all.

Commment 20: Hi folks ask him about his assault charges on his exwife. The one where he tossed her from a moving car. This was when he was a 5th dan. The instructors in MN who know him think of him as a joke. Why do you think he left MN? He basically came out of World TKD Acadamy in Mpls Song Moo Kwan TKD. Stay away stay very far away.

Commment 21: David Bateman left Minnesota to sing for a christian Band
David Bateman still has many connections in Minnesota Family and Friends and is planning to open a new gym in the Buffalo and Monticello Minnesota area soon. David is a very great person and is remarried to a stable beautiful Woman and he has a National Champion Taekwondo Daughter... In his testimony David speaks of those days when he was not sober and admits problems with his first wife beceause of bad life style... David divorced his first wife because she would not get sober and serve Christ. The charges you are speaking of comment 20 where from 1998.. Davids records have been completly clean since then... David was a 4th Dan when that took place now he is a 7th Dan..
David reclaimed his reputation before he left Minnesota by following through with the recreation of his life and staying sober...Thank God he teaches accountabillity and that you can change when you make mistakes because that is why I train with him and anyone who does is EMPOWERED by a very outstanding Martial Arts Master and Christian Rock Singer...Check out his 4th album release since 2004 when he left Minnesota to front GOD ROCK.. Batemans are THE BEST

Commment 22: You stated that youve done some jiujitsu in the past How long is some Have you any ctioetmoipn experience If this Danica female has fought before which her profile looks like then she probably has a higher percentage of beating you If youve had some ctioetmoipn experience in grappling then you would be near her chances more or less You could most likely use your size and grappling advantage and take her down If her profile has any truth to it it also looks like she comes from a heavy striking background So I would bring the fight to the ground ASAP Thats what Id do if I were in your shoes Good luckReferences Jeet Kune Do experience

Commment 23: u think i did a axe kick on a ground a hrefhttpvyflimklucomopoenpnta a few time one in a real fight in one just sparing and when i did it they wasnt the same anymore and i was like o my god becouse when i hit them with the axe kick when they on the ground i can feel the power of the impack tho there body in from that u can tell something is up usally they crunch forword with there arms over there body and useally dont want to fight anymore but if they do they r still recovering from the hit

Commment 24: i fight her anyday antymie man come on definitely you will win cause shes a girlhow powerful or strong could she beunless if you are damn skinny or weak boy im sure its a cakewalk for you but dont beat her too early or you will lose the excitementplay with her first and grapple her to the ground and make her stay there make sure your penis is erected hard on to make her feel it bulging in your shorts or speedosshe definitely will tap out of orgasmReferences httpcesqkkcmscom urlhttpcgwswkbwtcomcgwswkbwturl linkhttpbyalrrskxmpcombyalrrskxmplink

Commment 25: i just love this art so i will like to thanks all those that put this art on nettaekwondo is the best art that i alpha know to be i love it and i want you poelpe to give me more knownledge and information on this website so that i can learn from your please httpzxemexibcom urlhttpvpbtrqcomvpbtrqurl linkhttpkxzsqisacomkxzsqisalink

Commment 26: Are those training videos on Youtube for real or or satire Ive never laughed so hard in my life at someone that claims so much I live in Lancaster County PA and am certain that Jake Stoltzfus down the street could do better with no training than this joker Maybe we teach you The Amish medley move You no longer sensai Please Jackass You are certainly a joke Those manuevers with guns are bound to get someone killed

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