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Information About Batemans USA TaeKwonDo

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Batemans USA TaeKwonDo

914 Keith Street NW




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Judo, Karate, Hapkido

Batemans USA TaeKwonDo Has Moved To Our New Gym At 914 Keith Street NWwe are no longer involved with Son Rise Gymnastics...

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Commment 1: This guy is mentally unstable you have been warned. Also listing Brazilian JiuJitsuand Muay Thai as styles he teaches makes him a conman.

Commment 2: This guy is mentally unstable you have been warned. Also listing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai as styles he teaches makes him a conman.

Commment 3: I thought the guy was high on something when I went by. He was talking really fast and not making a whole lot of sense.

Commment 4: This guy is listed at three different addresses in Cleveland whats the story? I guess he cant run a legit business. . .

Commment 5: Master Dave was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota... He is the MOST intense Martial Arts Coach Around... He is new to Cleveland Teaching OFFICIAL TAEKWONDO and HapKiDo In Line with The International Olympic Committee THE BEST ARE USED TO GETTING SLAMMED Master Dave is an Outstanding Father and raises his Daughter and works very hard in ministry and by no means is he mentally unstable... Rather HE IS RADICAL FOR CHRIST... I have seen what he can do.... He is trying to break through for higher standards of Martial Artists in the area... Dont underestimate his ground game. He is certified in several legitimate styles including a Master in Sul Sa Do...THE ELITE with 126 Shoot Fighting WINS Midwest Sport Fighting Federation mid 1980s through mid 1990s

Commment 6: One night I was spying on Master Dave at his gym during class and he was performing a form and it looked like he had illuminating rays of light beaming from his body! Then he punched and bolts of lightening flew from his fingertips! I was like Whoah!!

Commment 7: This is just a belt factory no better than Rick Popes just another Mcdojo.

Commment 8: Master Daves school is the best you are just jealous

Commment 9: You are a McIdiot because you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Master Daves school strives to be unlike Rick Popes gym and any other gym in Cleveland. Come see for yourself if you dont believe me.

Commment 10: I have checked out this school on facebook and I dont feel my children will be safe. Teaching masonic ed? The world is ending? Aliens? Fight for Christ? Is this a taekwondo school or some new religion cult using martial arts as a cover? Is he a mason? Too scary to think he is loose on the streets. This guy has a few loose screws. I would beware.

Commment 11: David Bateman Is Mighty In Spirit If you think that this little ploy on here will make that big of a diferrance go ahead....If you stop by his school you will find a great Olympic Style Taekwondo school and Coach Dave Bateman is a Nationally recognised Medal winner and Gold medal winning coach he also is in a network of world Masters that protect freedom and human rights ISA WORLD SUNG JA DO... Master Dave is not a Freemason I asked him and he said to me How is it that he who follows Jesus can follow to masters?

Commment 12: i have to say i did witness master dave fight one time as i have no horse in any martial arts type fighting the man was pretty dang convincing he evidentally knows what he is doing i herd a comment by a spectator that was something like you dont see many instructors back up what they teach evidentally he has a great school and can actually lead the way

Commment 13: Ty Bramlett and Jordan Defriece you are both fags. That is all.

Commment 14: YOU ARE WRONG Master Dave is a wonderful teacher He has taught me many things and pushed me to never give up And I dont care about what you say to me but I know that master Dave is a awesome coach And he is KukKiWon and Rick Poop is not

Commment 15: I do believe Dave Bateman may be mentally unstable which is a shame because his actual martial arts training is pretty good Unfortunately he does not understand the concept of business owner keeping ones mouth shut and not insulting or offending the people that pay your salary If you choose to attend this gym you will be subjected to insane conspiracy theories about masons and secret societies and bigoted rants targeted at southern people overweight people Christians he disagrees with etc Youll also hear his crackpot theories on nutrition and there is no escape from the constant incessant whining about his finances and how everyone in the world is out to get him Like I mentioned above it truly is a shame he ruins what could be a decent Olympic style tkd program which is desperately needed in Cleveland The other instructors are terrific and the students are awesome Perhaps someday one of the other instructors will take this program over and set it on the right track

Commment 16: Batemans number elite student and instructor has left the organization after a disagreement whats up with that truth will prevail

Commment 17: Yea thats what I heard she pulled the pin on bateman

Commment 18: I heard she was in a relationship with a minor and was let go for dishonesty From what I see the Bateman program is outstanding

Commment 19: I have been training at Batemans for years and I have had nothing but positive experiences there Yes there was a short season where his ministry was studying and researching the New World Order and Freemasonry and he shared a bit of that with some students but that was a few years ago and has not been brought up since As far as the alleged attacks on Southerners and overweight people this was taken way out of context Grandmaster David Bateman was sharing statistics that he found on various websites about the cultural choices and how the south is shown to be high on the grid with obesity laziness and crime He is an expert in fitness and nutrition and the proof is in the pudding as he is one of the most fit healthy and young looking people around It is true that one of his instructors has had a falling away from the organization but remains to be connected to him on a friendship level and has left to work out some life issues that are outside of the gym with the possibility of a future return I find it amazing that people around the area continue to come against Grandmaster David Bateman when he has proven himself A good father husband business and ministry owner who deals with a large and diverse organization and sometimes has to exercise the disciplines of bylaws of Martial Arts including issuing disciplinary actions for infractions by instructors black belts and students within the association David Bateman was recently nominated to the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame and was listed among some of the greatest leaders and Grandmasters in the world I find it to be a great honor to have this man as my Grandmaster and will continue to support his instruction and his impact on his students I am a better person in all areas of my life due to his remarkable trainingBean

Commment 20: Miss Chosen Bean you are a beautiful bright kindhearted woman and you deserve so much better than this sorry excuse for a business partner David Bateman uses and takes advantage of you David you are a lazy bigoted arrogant untalented attentionseeking narcissistic bigmouthed idiot with no self control In the same breath you whine about lazy Americans you also whine about how you are so broke Heres a clueget off your lazy ass and get a freakin real job Ten to twelve hours per week in a gym with helpers is not a full time job Attempting to sing very badly I might add and producing CDs you give away for free is not a job Mooching off your wife the sainted Miss Bean and whatever student or protege you move into your house is also not a full time job I mean I guess it is your job but a REAL man would never make a living mooching off of anyone let alone women which a real man would take care of himself Do the this country and the south whom you so love to insult a favor and take your sorry rearend to Russia or Estonia or whatever third world country that will have you You have no clue about firearms your martial art skills are mediocre at best and you have no business exposing children to your insanity Nobody is buying the little shakeup you did at UEKA either Youre still pulling the strings no doubt about that youre just shifting things around because youre scared youre going to lose even more students

Commment 21: The reason the spectator area has their noses buried in their phones is so they can ignore your BS They would likely quit but theyve invested too much money into their childs training and ranking which they would lose if they left You are a disgusting human being and a very poor business man Any person with a modicum of common sense does not insult his paying customers Just sayin

Commment 22: If this is world class martial arts training I am so thankful that my instructors are out of this world personally I had better form in my patterns and techniques when I was a blue belt In my school I wouldnt even award him a yellow belt much less a dan

Commment 23: I am a friend of Grandmaster David Bateman and greatful for him Havent heard him complain about any money problems except for the plea to try and get students that free load off of him to quit and show some accountability GM David is an outstanding coach and has trained world champions and his studnts find it funny how people come on to social media to try and discredit him Good luck facing him in person and if any you think your so bad then why does he keep on sweeping the floor with anyone who dares answering his open challenge As far as current membership at the gym in cleveland it has the best attendance at the end of since he open the door GOOD TRY HATERS BUT THE FACT IS HE IS SIMPLY ONE OF THE BEST


Commment 25: Meg McClure most definitely is the only one who has ever spoke these negative things toward David Bateman and as IPS address has Bern followed through my identification program several phony Facebook pages and internet attacks are coming right from the McClures Url and Tips So we know who you are

Commment 26: I dont know what the dojang is like right now because I havent been there in a couple years I had to stop training because of a reoccurring injury that isnt conducive to martial arts However I will say this Dave Bateman taught me how to punch kick block and defend myself He didnt let beginning students train past their level and he didnt let us get our belts until it was clear we had earned them The advanced class never failed to be a solid and sometimes buttkicking workout He expected his students to show up to work hard and to do their best Just like in anything our success was determined by the amount of personal effort expended in training He pushed us to be our best and he seemed to care enough about us that it bothered him when we werent at that best Yes he had his own personal views he expressed those views and I didnt always agree with him But honestly Most days I was so tired from the workouts that it didnt matter much I was busy trying to catch my breath before whatever we were doing next I cant train anymore but sometimes I go work out on my punching bag Years after the fact I can still remember how to punch kick block and defend myself Clearly this dojang must be doing something right As is recommended for any newcomer to a martial art I suggest taking a trial class and letting your own personal experience decide if this is the place you want to train

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