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Information About Bai Boon Muay Thai

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Bai Boon Muay Thai

925 N Marine Blvd. Jacksonville, NC




Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing

Thinking of learning Muay Thai? visit us before you sign up anywhere else.

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Commment 1: If you want an amazing trainer who knows what they are doing in Muay Thai Kru Pol is the one to go to She knows what she is Donna and she doesnt play around if you are not dedicated you wont get far Kru Pol has been my instructor for a little over a month and has taught me so much about Muay Thai and I look forward to coming to class everytime knowing Im going to learn something new

Commment 2: She has so much experience and her experience is pure It come straight from Thailand as she is Thai She coached the US team in Thailand when they fought in March Definitely a person to learn Muay Thai from not too many Thai people in this area much less Thai people that were champions as she was

Commment 3: Yes my I am a student at this school Ive trained here for tow months and a half my Muay Thai trainer Kru Pol is a very good trainer she very good at her perfection and a very hard trainer she plays no games when she teaches so if your your dedicated to learn the awesome art of muay thai go for kru pol

Commment 4: I have been studying Muay Thai under Kru Pol for the past year and I have to say she is the best martial arts instructor I have ever had the privilege to study under She keeps you motivated to train she is detailed in her teaching wether its techniques history or exercises She doesnt hold back when telling you if your doing well bad or just need to train harder to improve all around but I I had to say anything negative about her class it would have to be at times the class is so large its hard to catch her attention when you need help but even them she stays after class to help those with questions or need help with techniques If your looking for a good instructor Kru Pol is the way to go she is awesome Thomas Gillard

Commment 5: Trained under ajarn pol and must say phenominal teacher She brings a lot of true muay thai tradition and skill to the table not your watered down mma muay thai Great experiences having kru pol being in my corner and coaching me through the amateur muay thai world championship in Thailand BAI BOON MUAY THAI TWO THUMBS UP

Commment 6: I have been training at this school for almost a year and I can say it has been an absolutely amazing experience The martial arts knowledge that is inside Kru Pols head is astounding it has been a genuine pleasure to learn from her and be a part of this awesome family

Commment 7: This is the first school I have been to and the instructor is trying to give more than what I expected If you looking for classic Muay Thai Muay Boran and the real deal muay thai as combat this should be the one

Commment 8: This is a great school Kru Pol is great she is very good at teaching you and makes sure you understand how it is done I didnt think I would get into Muay Thai as much as I am now but she definitely pushes us to strive for more and everyone is pretty tight there like a family I would not want to be anywhere else

Commment 9: Ive been training here since and its a great environment with the best training you could get here in the USA No instructor in the USA can beat Kru Pol with what she has to offer Straight out of Thailand theres not a lot of Thai instructor who is from Thailand with as many fights as she has with over professional fights The knowledge that she has to offer is priceless and endless If you want to learn train or fight this is the place to be

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