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Information About Bryan Hawkins Kempo Karate

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Bryan Hawkins Kempo Karate

12243 Venice Blvd



Martial Arts: Karate, Kempo

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Commment 1: I just like clicking the link to see my name hahaaaha hope all is well Cant wait for next year when you do a seminar at the dojo to help raise money for the event

Commment 2: When you practice your kata one of thea hrefhttphxuyknwkktzcom tihngsa you want to concentrate on is relaxing but also putting power in the right place at the right timeThe only time you want tense your muscles is at point of impact So execute your techniques as you have been fluid and relaxed Dont tense the muscles until the punch kick or block is fully extended As far as your stances are concerned theyll need to be rigid while your legs are supporting your weight but once you begin to throw a kick use the philosophy I just mentioned Its a good thing that youre inherently relaxed This makes your techniques faster If you try to tense up WHILE you throw your techniques itll slow you down and youll tire more quickly Whereas when youre relaxed and only tense at the end of your technique youll have speed and power and you wont be as windedTo further help you think of the difference between swinging a club stiff and rigid always and swinging whip with a heavy ball at the end tense at the very last split second Hope this helps

Commment 3: Think of your movements like a whip When the whip goes out its rxeelad just until it strikes the end when it hits extremely hard When doing kata feel the energy flow from your stance to your hip and all the way to the strike or kick Know where the energy is at all times and learn how to make it move to concentrate your power Doing a kata over and over will build muscle memory so it will become strong over time httpxzcjriyeocom urlhttpmazudocommazudourl linkhttpirwnefhrhmcomirwnefhrhmlink

Commment 4: informative postEvery gun that is made every warshipa hrefhttphwxqlggzaajcom luhcnaeda every rocket fired signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed those who are cold and are not clothed This world in arms is not spending money alone It is spending the sweat of its laborers the genius of its scientists the hopes of its children This is not a way of life at all in any true sense Under the clouds of war it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron Dwight D Eisenhower speech American Society of Newspaper Editors April

Commment 5: Mar David is an older kung fu brother to me My Sifu and him trnaeid together under Wong Shun Leung in Hong Kong David has a lot of experience and is really a truly remarkable martial artists Please everyone if you can please donate to see this film made Thank you httppxawwopxucom urlhttpybuptsvgzsxcomybuptsvgzsxurl linkhttpwikaanjgmcomwikaanjgmlink

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