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Information About Slyx Art of War

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Slyx Art of War

819 north




Martial Arts: BJJ / JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing / Kickboxing, MMA

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Commment 1: great place to train lots of great guys to train with and everyone helps you to learn while your there.

Commment 2: lots of tournament winners and a few semipro fighters train here

Commment 3: Do you teach BJJ? Who is the instructor and what is their rank?

Commment 4: karate guy turned mma gym owner. never competed in mma or grappling and has never trained under someone who has.

Commment 5: this place is a fucking ripoff. Ill fight the entire slyx team with my dick out of my pants and Ill win

Commment 6: comment five is welcome to come try and yes we teach no gi and the instructor has trained in all areas of the sport

Commment 7: Fucking Joke of a school. They have to have their own fund raisers to buy the necessary safety equipment of any other gym. Check out their pics on myspace the facility is pretty funny. What is your rank again in BJJ Sergio? What belt are you? Under who? Oh thats right.... Too bad there is some talent there but the instruction is so poor the guys will never reach their potential.

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